InterManager Minutes of the Annual General Meeting – 13.10.2014 – SINGAPORE

International Ship Managers’ Association

 Annual General Meeting


13th October 2014


1         Welcome by the Secretary General


2         Invitation to chair the meeting


The Secretary General, Captain Kuba Szymanski, invited President Mr. Gerardo Borromeo to chair the InterManager Annual General Meeting.


3         Apologies for Absence

The President recited the apologies received for Absence: the following members had sent apologies for absence:

–       AET Tankers –       ABS
–       Arab Shipmanagement –       BASS
–       Belt Ship –       Cartner & Fiske
–       Brightwell Payments –       United Philippines Line
–       Crossworld Marine Services –       Cubisol
–       EMS –       GL
–       Gaslog LNG –       Worldlink
–       Genoa Maritime –       Global Met
–       Green Wave Shipping Pte –       Intercargo
–       Haque and Sons –       Intertanko
–       Haven Marine –       SIGTTO
–       Hoegh Fleet Services –       ITIC
–       Lemissoler Navigation Co. –       International Salvage Union
–       Marfin –       CS Offshore
–       Navarino –       Altair
–       Nedcon –       UK P&I Club
–       Nigeria LNG –       UKHO
–       Scorpio Shipmanagement –       Kral AG
–       Sea Flag –       Histria
–       SMART –       BASS
–       Teledata Marine Solutions –       Norwegian Hull Club
–       Terra Marine Ship Management –       PL Ferrari
–       Transocean –       Rightship
–       Tsakos Shipping and Trading –       Shipserv
–       SOFTimpact



4         Vote count


The Secretary General had counted that there were 26 Ship Manager Members present, representing 84 votes, 3 crew managers representing 6 votes, and 17 Associate Members present representing 17 votes. That was a total of 107 votes.


In addition, there were 3 proxies of Full Members for a total count of 9 votes,

1 proxy of a Crew Manager for 2 votes, and 10 proxies of Associate Members for a total of 10 votes. This was a total of 21 proxy votes.


There were, therefore, 128 votes expressed, out of a total number of 190 votes.

The number of votes expressed was equal to 67.3 % of the total votes.

The Quorum was therefore reached.


5         Approval of Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held in London in 2013

Motion proposed by Rajaish Bajpaee and seconded by George Hoyt


6         President’s Annual Address

The President had addressed all participants during the morning session and his speech was incorporated to the proceedings of the Annual General Meeting


7         Presentation of Report and Financial Statement 2013-14

Marc Nuytemans requested the Secretariat to investigate the possibility of the next year Auditor Financial Statement being presented without qualifications.


The Financial Report was proposed by Dirk Fry and was seconded by Roberto Giorgi.


8         Appointment of Auditors

Ajay Tripathi proposed the existing Auditors – Moore Stephens of the Isle of Man – to continue as Financial Auditors of InterManager. Motion was seconded by George Hoyt.


9         Election of Executive Committee members


This year the following Officers were due for re-election after completing of their two years’ term:


  1. Markus Schmitz
  2. Svein Pedersen
  3. Marco Carlo Montorsi
  4. Ian MacLean


The above officers were proposed for re-election by Roberto Giorgi and seconded by Dirk Fry. All present unanimously elected above mentioned officers for two years’ term.


New member of Executive Committee was proposed by the President Gerardo Borromeo

  1. Bjorn Jebsen

Motion was duly seconded by Chris Stone.


All present unanimously elected above mentioned officers for two years’ term.



New Member of the Executive Committee to be co-opted as Wim Van Noortwijk stands down:

  1. Abdul Hameed Haja, President-elect of ISSA

Motion was proposed by Svein Pedersen and seconded by Gerardo Borromeo


All present unanimously elected above mentioned officers for two years’ term.


As a result of these votes the Executive Committee now consists of 18 members:


  1. Ajay Tripathi – MMS;
  2. Alex Albertini – MARFIN;
  3. Gerardo Borromeo – PTC – PRESIDENT;
  4. Tony Field – Lloyds Register;
  5. Stephen Bond – Videotel;
  6. Roberto Giorgi – VShips;
  7. Ian MacLean – Hill Dickinson;
  8. Marc Nuytemans – EXMAR;
  9. Marco Montorsi – NBS;

10. Rajaish Bajpaee – BSM;

11. Dirk Fry – Columbia;

12. Rob Grool – Seaspan;

13. Abdul Hameed Haja – ISSA

14. George Hoyt – Seagull;

15. Bjorn Jebsen – Abojeb;

16. Carl Schou – Wilhelmsen;

17. Markus Schmitz – SOFTimpact;

18. Svein Pedersen – NOAH


10      Any Other Business

There being no further business, the Chairman brought the meeting to the close at 1507.


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