It started with just one vision from five competing ship management companies to improve industry standards – and after many highs and lows over the last 25 years, InterManager is now regarded as one of shipping’s most influential trade associations that has helped shape the industry.

The first steps in the creation of what is now known as InterManager began back in 1988 when five leading ship management companies – Barber International, Columbia Shipmanagement, Denholm Ship Management, Hanseatic Shipping Company and Wescol International Marine – met to discuss the possibility of improving standards within the shipmanagement sector and the shipping industry in general.

International Ship Managers' Association

InterManager was founded originally under the name ISMA (International Ship Managers’ Association) in 1991.

ISMA was originally formed to improve standards and achieve a safer, more environmentally conscious, reliable and controllable ship management industry. This continues to be the aim of InterManager today.

The example of the ISMA Code triggered a continuing quality movement of as yet unknown proportions, with classification societies introducing their own codes, shipowners adapting codes designed for the production industry, and IMO adopting the ISMA Code for mandatory implementation by flag states as Chapter IX of the SOLAS Convention.

The ISMA Code of Ship Management Standards, the foundation stone of the Association, reflected the highest standards of ship management practice. It was drafted by practical ship managers, and based on the experience gained through their involvement in day to day ship management.

Today the entry ticket to InterManager membership is a commitment to work towards ISO 9001:2000 compliance.

ISMA to InterManager

In 2005 ISMA relaunched as InterManager and relaxed its criteria for new members, the association was struggling to meet the success of other similar associations.

The newly-named InterManager’s aim was to become a trade association for managers and shipping-related entities, which it continues to be to this day.

The serving Secretary-General at the time Stephen Chapman told Lloyds List that the launch of InterManager was ‘evolution,’ not ‘revolution.’


1991 – 1992: David Underwood (Denholm Ship Management [Holdings] Ltd)

1992 – 1993: Guy Morel (V.Ships)

1993 – 1995: Capt Joachim Meyer (Hanseatic Shipping Co Ltd)

1995 – 1997: Olav Eek Thorstensen (Thome Ship Management Pte Ltd)

1997 – 1999: Harry Gilbert (Wallem Ship Management Ltd)

1999 – 2001: Pete Cremers (Anglo Eastern Ship Management)

2001 – 2003: Dirk Fry (Columbia Ship Management Ltd)

2003 – 2006: Rajaish Bajpaee (Eurasia International (China) Ltd Partnership)

2006 – 2008: Ole Stene (Aboitiz Jebsen)

2008 – 2010: Roberto Giorgi (V.Ships)

2010 – 2012: Alastair Evitt (Meridian Marine Management)

2012 – 2016: Dito Borromeo (Philippine Transmarine Carriers)

2016 – present: Bjørn Jebsen (Aboitiz Jebsen)

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