Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is very simple, straightforward, and no difficult words…. any information you may give us, for example e-mail address, we do not pass on to anyone…. ever.

We will only get in touch with you by e-mail and ONLY if you specifically express your wish to be contacted.

Our site does use cookies, the reason we use them is to help speed up your browsing experience. Our site cookies hold no personally identifiable details about you.  Cookies can be turned off using you browser tools.

We do not hold any credit card transactions details as we do not provide that kind of

Any other information you may give us is stored in Poland based servers, subject to English and EU privacy laws.

It is our policy never to put machine-readable e-mail addresses on our site, and advertisers are encouraged to do the same.

Update 25 May 2018:

Information on what we hold and why we hold it:

When you create a InterManager login account we collect your email address, name of the company, your name and your login name. We also keep a record when you have subscribed with us.

If you created a profile on our website then we hold information about your company as PROVIDED BY YOURSELF.

That is all we keep on our servers.

The valid email address is for log in purposes, so is required.  It’s up to you if you want to receive any newsletter stuff from us, you have to check a box for that.  You can always UNSUBSCRIBE – check for it towards the bottom of any of InterManager newsletters.

We log site/members area access by subscribers/members.

You can inspect the details we hold for you (have a look at “My Account”), and you can alter at will.

We can fully delete your account anytime, just ask, you won’t be able to log in anymore after that. In future if you don’t log in for 2 years, you will be deleted automatically (and lose any membership if you have one). Solution ..log in yearly at least.

We never pass your details to anyone for any purpose. The only exception to that would be if we were required to by law, court order, etc. Never happened yet…

3rd parties lurking on InterManager website.  No social media buttons which are used to track you. No Google analytics.   A Google powered search box on a few pages, and a few You Tube videos embedded.  These could result in you being followed by Google.  We are looking at alternatives …

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