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Since the late 1980s, ship management has been an important industry in its own right. It was this which drove the need for an association to represent ship managers and to provide a forum for the global ship management industry to ensure best practice procedures and sustainability.

Today InterManager represents ship and crew managers, as well as associated organisations, from around the world.

Itā€™s unrivalled presence within the wider maritime industry has allowed the association to be at the forefront of a number of initiatives, including:

  • Enclose Space Deaths
  • On board Alarms
  • Shipping KPIs
  • Seafarer fatigue
  • The single window system
  • Paperless shipping

Representing over 7,500 vessels and over 330,000 seafarers, InterManager has a respected global representation.

In its bid too ensure sustainability and quality, full members must establish, implement and maintain a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 for all activities undertaken by the organisation.

The work of the Association is performed by its President, Secretary-General, IMO Representative and the Executive Committee.

Members are invited to participate in the activities of the various committees:

  • Criminalisation of the Seafarers
  • Piracy
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • EU/ IMO
  • ICT

InterManager supports and is involved in a number of projects, all related to either management, technical or welfare. These have included studies into fatigue, information sharing, ballast water, shipping KPIā€™s and communication facilities for seafarers.

We also run an ā€˜adopt a shipā€™ program, building on groundwork by the Cyprus Chamber of Shipping and Cyprus Maritime Environmental Protection Association, bringing together schools, colleges and orphanages in Cyprus, Poland, the Philippines, India and Greece to interact with seafarers on board ships. The program aims to develop awareness of shipping, seafaring and the maritime industry, particularly among the younger generation. In 2019, at least 40,000 children around the world are expected to participate in this program.



Full Members


AssociateĀ Members

Members receive regular circulars on a range of issues related to the interests of the association and of the ship management industry.

As part of InterManager’s commitment to developing cohesive dialogues with the industry, we write a bimonthly e-publication which centres on issues directly concerning the ship management industry. Members are invited to be part of its production.

In addition, a weekly Dispatches e-newsletter summarising recent developments is emailed to members and other interested parties in addition to the press.


InterManager sought and obtained consultative status with IMO at its 19th Assembly in November 1995. This is particularly important in view of the fact that IMO introduced its International Safety Management (ISM) Code, initially expressed in resolution A.741(18) and now incorporatedĀ into the SOLAS Convention.

ISMA representatives attend those committees at which their knowledge may be of value or when the outcome might affect the operation of ship or crew managers.

Intertanko and Intercargo, as industry bodies, play a vital role. Both enjoy considerable influence and are listened to. Since InterManager members have clients who are members of one or both organisations, it is in the interests of both the managers and the shipowners of wet and dry bulk tonnage to co-operate to the greatest possible extent.

InterManager has also participated in theĀ BIMCO subcommittee reviewing

the Shipman and Crewman contracts, it being considered vital that the practical experience of shipmanagers was taken into account.

InterManager has participated in the European Quality Shipping Campaign, launched by the European Commission and the UK Government in November 1997. ISMA is now a routine data provider to Equasis and participant on the Editorial Board. Equasis is consulted daily by shipowners, cargo owners, insurers, brokers, classification societies, agents, ports and terminals.

Members and the Association

Since its inception InterManager has been asked to provide spokesmen for the ship management industry at many conferences and seminars. Where possible such requests are accepted and the President, Vice President or other members of the Executive Committee have presented InterManagerā€™s views on the pursuit of quality and the role of the ship management sector at venues across the world.

InterManager’s members have also taken advantage of company promotional events, such as stands at shipping exhibitions, to emphasise the aims and objectives of InterManager, and have addressed administrations, educational establishments and others on issues central to the purposes of InterManager and the principles for which it stands.

The directors and senior staff of InterManager member companies hold a number of external positions. Posts include advisers to governments, technical institutes, maritime academies and maritime courts on maritime affairs, as well as senior elected positions in environmental and business promotion organisations, representation on ICS, ISF, Intertanko, BIMCO and national shipownersā€™ association boards or committees and official positions in local branches of The Nautical Institute.

Legal Status

InterManager is a Company Limited by Guarantee registered in Limassol, Cyprus, registration number 44773.

Cyprus was selected as the country of incorporation because it is the home of a number of leading ship management companies and provides a full range of legal and commercial services to the maritime community.

Although InterManager is a non profit-making organisation, the favourable corporation tax regime in Cyprus was also a consideration which weighed in its favour.

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