IMO Meeting LEG 108 – Capt. Paddy McKnight representing InterManager

Date: 26/07/2021

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12th InterManager’s 60 minutes meeting

  1. 10:00 Meeting called to order
  2. 10:01 Update from the President
    1. InterManager Position on
      1. Shore Leaves
      2. Vaccination of seafarers
  3. 10:10 Update from Kuba
    1. Latest developments regarding Vaccination, Covid and Travel;
    2. Membership issues
  4. 10:20 Medical Oxygen supplies on board
    1. Please find attached presentation by Anglo-Eastern
    2. Capt. Pradeep Chawla to make the case and to brief members on Anglo – Eastern approach.
    3. Members discussion
  5. 10:40 Guest Speaker: Liam Herbert, Solution Director, Shipserve; Data-driven spend management: the key to better decision making
  6. 10:55 Summary
  7. 11:00 End of the meeting


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