InterManager members are involved in the management of some 5,000 ships and almost 250,000 seafarers.

InterManager welcomes as Full Members and Crew Managers any company which is directly involved in the provision of shipmanagement services, either in house or as third party managers.

In addition, InterManager welcomes as Associate Members a range of companies and organisations, including ship suppliers and shipping industry stakeholders.

Sharing information and working together on common goals is a hallmark of InterManager membership. InterManager members have a wealth of knowledge and experience in their own fields and this pool of expertise is of benefit to the Association’s various committees and shared through online members’ forums and networking events.

The InterManager Code of Ship Management Standards forms the foundation stone of the Association, reflecting the highest standards of ship management practice. It has been drafted by practical ship managers and is based on the experience gained through their involvement in day to day ship management. All InterManager members are encouraged to sign up to the Code.

InterManager members benefit from a range of group discounts on conferences, seminars and industry workshops.


Full Members
InterManager welcomes applications for Full Membership from companies operating as:

  • ship managers (3rd party and in-house)
  • crew managers (3rd party and in-house)

Associate Members
InterManager welcomes applications for Associate Membership from companies operating within the shipping industry

To find out more about the benefits of InterManager membership contact:

Captain Kuba Szymanski
Secretary General
12 Brisbane Street
Isle of Man
Tel: +44 7624 498 266


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