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Expanding Effective Communications at Sea

Strand Palace Hotel, London | 27th-28th June 2012

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Advances in maritime satellite communications technology are offering new opportunities for ship owners and managers. But no two shipping companies are the same, and technology which works for one, may be inefficient and unworkable for another. In order to access the cost savings, benefits and efficiencies that this new technology can bring, Ship operators must do three things: understand the breadth of the new technology; identify their own requirements; and then understand which technology will be the right fit to drive their business forward.

InterManager, together with the GVF Maritime Broadband group, are offering a value-packed two-day conference next month to enable ship operators to address all three areas. With the help and knowledge of the largest maritime satellite communications networks and suppliers, Maritime Communications Insights Europe offers a unique forum where ship operators can learn how to best approach the minefield of shipboard communications, how communications impacts and can drive benefits and efficiencies cross-business, and crucially, how to evaluate and identify the correct technology in which to make investments.

Across two days Maritime Communications Insights Europe will give an accurate overview of the current technology via sessions including:

·       Evolution of Maritime Satcoms Service & Equipment: Technical Innovation for an Expanding Market’

·       Spectrum Shift: Satellite Operators, Network Providers & Deployment of New Global Broadband

·       Evolving the “Unlimited Broadband” Bandwidth Equation: New Evolutionary Trends in C, Ku, Ka & L Frequency Footprints for the Maritime Space

Identify how communications requirements differ and how they impact and drive benefits cross-business via sessions including:

·       Maritime ICT & Cost-Saving Integrated eProcurement Strategies

·       The Ocean-Going Office on the Bridge: Integrating Operational Ship Management Applications & Communications

·       The Communications Key to Efficient Fleet Management in the 21st Century: From Vessel Chartering to Capturing & Sharing Data Ship-to-Shore

And help ship operators to better evaluate and identify the right technology in which to invest via sessions including:

·       VSAT at Sea & Designing Dedicated Targeted Solutions for Multiple Parameters: The Vessel Type, Company Type, Data Volumes, and Crew Requirement

·       Maritime Communications Demand & Supply: Understanding the Sector’s Dynamics

·       Segmenting Maritime Sector Communications Services: Who benefits from which system and where?

·       Hybrid Communications Solutions: Systems Resilience Profiles & Case Studies

In addition, delegates can benefit from a dedicated session covering InterManager’s groundbreaking Shipping Key Performance Indicators initiative, chaired by Capt. Kuba Szymanski.

Places at Maritime Communications Insights Europe 2012 are limited, so reserve yours today at this free of charge event by emailing [email protected] or Paul Stahl [email protected]


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