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Requirements For Full Membership 2024

Full Membership is open to:

  • Ship managers and Crew managers
  • Ship and Crew Management Divisions of Ship Owning Companies

Quality Requirement

Organisations wishing to become members of InterManager must satisfy one of the following criteria:

  • They must have established, implemented and maintained a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000, and have obtained a corresponding ISO certificate, OR
  • They are willing to undergo a Certification Process and obtain and maintain certification from an Approved Certification Body within not more than eighteen months from the date of its admission as member, OR
  • They have exemplary records and are acknowledged by peers as leaders in their geographical market sectors and publicly committed to advancing research and implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility in shipping

Other requirements:

In addition the organisations wishing to become members of InterManager must:

  • Sign the InterManager Code of Conduct as a confirmation that they agree to the rules of the Code
  • Prove that they provide the full complement of crew including the Master for at least one vessel trading internationally
  • Directly employ the crew, or be responsible for the general administration processes for the selection and recruitment of crewmembers
  • Agree to InterManager Cadet Policy
  • Be responsible for the establishment and control of the crew’s certification and qualification records
  • Abide with the InterManager Cadet Policy, stating that they must maintain at least one cadet per ship under full management onboard their vessels, during the period that they are members of the Association
  • Agree with Associate Members becoming part of InterManager’s mission

Requirements For Associate Membership 2024

InterManager welcomes applications for Associate Membership from companies operating within the shipping industry

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