Re: UPDATE 1 Security Incident / Straits of Hormuz 01-030821



Event: Non-Piracy Incident
-> Potential Hijack -> Vessel released


Date and Time: 3 August 2021, 1230hrs UTC

Location: 61nm E of Fujairah, International Waters

Position: 24° 59.500’N, 57° 28.600’E

Distance from Shore: Approx 60nm


Vessel Details

Type: Tanker

L x B: 134.6m x 17.2 (updated from previous alert)

Speed: N/A


Event Details

Kidnapped: 0

Injured: 0

Killed: 0

Damage to vessel: None

Damage to cargo: None

Security Present: None

Weather: Gentle Breeze / 0mm precipitation

Wave Height: 0.7m


Threat Details

Number of Perpetrators: About 8

Number of Craft: Not reported

Weapons Seen: Firearms reported

Equipment Seen: Not reported


Description: UKMTO has reported a “non-piracy incident” offshore Fujairah. Details are still TBC however considering high tensions between regional powers following recent fatal incident
offshore Oman against a tanker, all vessels should remain extremely vigilant. Any vessels linked to Israeli interests are under particular threat by Iran and Iranian allies.


UPDATE 1: UKMTO have issued an update, describing the incident as “Potential Hijack”. Further information to follow – there is precedent of merchant vessels seized by Iranian authorities in the area
(South Korean-vessel seized in January 2021).


UPDATE 2: UKMTO has confirmed that the armed persons that boarded the vessel have now left and vessel is safe. Vessel remains offshore Fujairah.


The perpetrators are still to be confirmed, however most sources are stating that Iran or an Iranian-back group carried out the boarding. Iran has denied responsibility.



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