Leading names in shipping support InterManager’s new standard in ship management and operation

InterManager’s newly-introduced General Principles of Conduct and Action are attracting widespread industry support from across all sectors of the maritime community.

The Association has welcomed endorsement from numerous leading shipping industry companies and trade bodies including AAL Shipping, C Transport Maritime S.A.M (CTM), the International Shipsuppliers & Services Association (ISSA), Evalend Shipping Co. S.A, Kazmotransflot Ltd, Lefkaritis Bros Seas Ltd, Lomar Shipping, Oceonix, Premuda, Salamon AG, Schoeller Holdings, and Seaworld Management S.A.M.

Welcoming their backing, Mark O’Neil, President of InterManager, commented: “The General Principles will enable operators to be discerning and choose between the managers who aspire to comply with a higher standard of operation and are willing to open themselves up to third party audit, and those who are not. Compliance by the manager must surely affect, and be a factor in, a vessel’s rating by commercial rating agencies.

“Our General Principles are intended to distinguish between players in the ship management sector, between those who talk the talk and those who walk it.”

Endorsing the General Principles of Conduct and Action, Roberto Corvetta, CEO of Sea World Management S.A.M. declared: “As a leading ship management and ship-owning company, we are pleased to recognise the excellence of InterManager. They stand as a beacon of excellence in the maritime industry, driving innovation, collaboration, and best practices. InterManager’s relentless commitment to advancing industry standards inspires positive change, shaping a safer and more sustainable maritime landscape for all stakeholders. We proudly acknowledge the invaluable contributions of InterManager to our industry.”

Christian Salamon, Founder and CEO of Salamon AG, said: “As an investor in quality shipping, any initiative which raises the bar when it comes to the safe and environmentally-friendly operation of these important assets must be welcomed. That is why I am delighted to put my support behind InterManager’s General Principles. We understand the motivation behind them and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with InterManager as it works to improve standards at a time when the shipping industry is striving to meet its sustainability goals.”

Yuri Borodulin, Director Kazmotransflot Ltd, commented: “As the maritime landscape evolves amidst the currents of decarbonisation and digitalisation, it is imperative for industry leaders to champion these Principles that prioritise the well-being of seafarers and the sustainability of our oceans. Through collaboration and adherence to foundational values like care, respect, and safety, we pave the way for a resilient future where vessels navigate with efficiency, integrity, and environmental stewardship. As a tanker shipowner we fully support this effort by InterManager and its members.”

Mikaella Lefkariti, Owner of Petrolina (Holdings) Public Ltd and Lefkaritis Bros Seas Ltd, said: “Working in the midst of a dynamic and increasingly volatile energy environment, we’re reassured to have InterManager continue to adhere to standards that are people-centric and raise the bar in ship operations. The association’s Principles involving safety, environmental protection and sustainable operations, coupled with its commitment towards improving standards across the board, align with Petrolina’s values as an active member of the community. By remaining true to its vision yet adaptable to constant challenges, InterManager continues to be accountable, resilient and relevant in a fast-changing world.”

Rafael Fernandez, President of ISSA, emphasised: “ISSA is pleased to endorse these principles as they clearly align with our own organisation’s values and objectives, particularly in promoting safety, environmental protection, and sustainable operations within the Ship Supply and Ship Management industries. Endorsing the General Principles presents a valuable opportunity for ISSA to demonstrate its commitment to excellence and to contribute positively to industry standards.”

Nicholas Georgiou, CEO of Lomar Shipping, stated: “Dedicated to maritime excellence, we are firm supporters of the InterManager General Principles, which continue to raise standards in our industry. These guidelines, vital for the environment, seafarers’ well-being and safety, underscore the importance of collaboration, particularly in navigating industry challenges such as decarbonisation and digitalisation. Together, we strive for a future that prioritises seafarer welfare and maintains the highest operational standards.”

Pablo Torres, Head of Crew Dept, CTM, noted: “In time of dynamic and progressive changes in the shipping industry, C Transport Maritime S.A.M (CTM) counts on the strong foundation built by a respected highly skilled workforce and meaningful collaborations. We recognise the values set out in the General Principles of Conduct and Action as we share the same unconditional dedication to continuous improvement of both the professional and ethical standards of ship management. We look forward to aligning these common values with other members of InterManager to raise the standards across the shipping industry.”

Mark O’Neil concluded: “You have to ask yourself what is there not to support? Why would a manager not be a member of InterManager and aspire to the standards set out in the General Principles?”


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