Dispatches No. 496

Dear Members,

Maritime Champions Club-  47 765  as of today.

Please check your latest status and make sure we have your most up to date number of crew changes.


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Message No. 50

Please find below information from EU last minute update on consular services of 12 EU MSs in Manila for the period from 4/08 until 18/08 modified according to the new lockdown measures in Metro Manila.

Best regards,



NL: Embassy: we will all work from home again as from 6 August. VFS will continue with visa for seafarers for us but lower quantity and via our regional office in KLL.  No consular work at our front office (no regular passports, no consular certificates, no exams). Only emergencies but (in principle) from home. This measure until 18 August.

DE: Our consular and visa counters at the Embassy remain open for prescheduled appointments and consular walk in. We informed through our website. VFS trying to process as scheduled.

ES has suspended all consular procedures (nationals and visas) except for emergency assistance until put under GCQ again. BLS doesn’t receive any kind of visa application. Only Spanish civil servants in the office. Locals work from home.

FI: consular office is closed, no personnel in the Philippines. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur handles (or tries to handle) even emergencies remotely from KL.

AT: remains open on skeletal basis, serving pre- arrangements / appointments and emergency services

RO: accepts long stay visas (D type), short stay visa (visit visa for family members only) seafarers (essential trips only).

HU: all appointments moved after 18th, services at the Consular office only in emergency situation.

IT: still open for consular services and visa. Our service provider managed to keep itself open, with reduced capacity.

CZ:  open on skeletal basis, serving appointments (D type visas and Schengen visas for family members) and emergency…

DK: Closed for consular service next 2 weeks. We are preparing handling 200 applications for seafarers the coming days. Other visa applications receives, but handles only in very urgent matters.

BE: working with skeleton workforce. Still open for consular services once a week by appointment and for emergencies. We also accept a reduced number of visa applications through VFS (seafarers, students & family reunion).

SE: We will continue, with skeleton workforce, to have the Embassy open for visitors, but only accept pre-booked appointments. For visas we refer to VFS.


Message No. 49

Please find below latest from Manila – there is NO CONFIRMED information about reduced numbers of passengers at the Manila Airport and presently it looks like crew changes are un effected however definitely more challenging for those who organise them in Philippines.


We will inform you as soon as there are any changes.



Dear Valued Partners and Principals


I hope this reaches you well.


It has been 2 months since my last update after the government announced that Metro Manila and most of the country was under General Community Quarantine (GCQ). Under this status, there was a phased approach to allow the economy to re-start after the lockdown period that lasted more than 100 days.


The GCQ status has succeeded in allowing more businesses to open in phases, and more people movement as work resumes.


In the past two weeks there has been a spike in the number of reported  COVID cases. Because of the increase, the Health sector and the government will focus more to allow health services to catch up in terms of capacity restoration and capacity building.


Dear Valued Partners and Principals


I hope this reaches you well.


It has been 2 months since my last update after the government announced that Metro Manila and most of the country was under General Community Quarantine (GCQ). Under this status, there was a phased approach to allow the economy to re-start after the lockdown period that lasted more than 100 days.


The GCQ status has succeeded in allowing more businesses to open in phases, and more people movement as work resumes.


In the past two weeks there has been a spike in the number of reported  COVID cases. Because of the increase, the Health sector and the government will focus more to allow health services to catch up in terms of capacity restoration and capacity building.


Effective 04 August 2020, the areas within Metro Manila, the provinces of Laguna, Cavite, Rizal, and Bulacan will once again be under Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ) status . The MECQ is expected to last for 2 weeks.


With the MECQ, there will be limited movement of non-essential workers and there will be no public transportation. Work From Home (WFH) arrangements will kick in place again and shuttle services will be made available by PTC to employees who are vital to be in the office.  All of our office functions and services are operational.


We are also checking if government offices and embassies will remain open.


The Maritime industry is considered as an essential industry, our seafarers are essential workers and classified as Authorized Person Outside of Residence (APOR). While domestic transportation becomes a challenge again, we will endeavor to continue the deployment and repatriation of our seafarers despite the MECQ status. Please get in touch with us if you have particular concerns, and we will find solutions beyond the limitations for the next two weeks. 


We will keep you posted on other developments.


Best regards

Edgar Milla



Message No. 48

Dear Members


Appreciate that it is weekend for many of us but you may welcome this news reading it first thing Monday Morning.

Svein – thank you for alerting us ☺



United Arab Emirates – Crew Changes procedure 


..and report from “our man” on the shopping floor:


Hi Kuba,


Crew Change in Dubai is working fine now and we are following attached process/guidelines.


For other Emirates tomorrow will be the first working day after the Eid holidays so will start applying for visas and expect that they will go through as announced. If any members are facing any challenges or want some clarification etc please feel free to contact us.


Best regards,



Ships Agency & Maritime Logistics Manager

Wilhelmsen Ships Service

Dubai, UAE



Message No. 47

Dear Members


Latest before the weekend:

Aa/ Europe – Manila


We are still able to get seats on Philippine Airlines our of Heathrow on Thursdays at 17:10.


Also, BA are able to check bags through from any departure point to Manila, so, even crew with Filipino seaman’s book can come in from eg. AMS, and transit through Heathrow without encountering immigration.


In case of any issue with connecting  baggage at Heathrow, Philippine Airlines have agreed to collect from the carousel, and transfer for the crew to their onward flight as an additional ‘safety valve’


If any of your members are desperate to get crew back to Manila, please let us know.


Thank you and pleasant weekend.





Therefore if you are interested please get in touch with us – InterManager immediately and we will put you in contact.



Bb/ Crew Change facilities at Karachi


COVID-19 had created great difficulty in Repatriating and Joining crew onboard ships with completed contracts.


Here, in Pakistan, our administration has made this process easy at all ports in Pakistan as follows


However, due to heavy monsoon season it is advisable to do the crew change at Karachi Anchorage rather than Karachi or Port Qasim OPL. Karachi, of course would be easier and more cost-efficient.


No port clearance is required if vessels call Karachi Outer Anchorage for Crew Change only, which the local agent guarantees to the authorities.


Should you require and wish to save Joining Crew Costs related to Air Travel and the process below. We can provide a Full Crew at short notice, having about 7,000 seafarers on the Company Roster.


Now coming to the process of Joining and Repatriation, we need to follow the following procedures:


Port restrictions for Vessels berthing 


All Ship’s staff including security guards:

  • Must have conducted a COVID-19 RT-PCR Test with a negative result, the test conducted  preferably 48 hours prior to joining the vessel
  • Must be onboard for the last 15 days. The quarantine period.
  • If they have not been onboard for 15 days or more prior arrival then the vessel shall have to complete the quarantine period of 15 days starting from the date of sign on




  • Test for COVID-19 through RT-PCR must be conducted 24/48 hours before the On-Signers board their flights to Pakistan with their test results a copy of which must be provided to Pakistan Airport Health Authorities.
  • Medical Fitness Certificate
  • Yellow Fever Certificate.
  • Copy of National Passport.
  • Copy of National Seaman Book.
  • Copy of confirmed E-Ticket.



  • Maritime Health Declaration from Master (with sign and stamp).
  • Body temperature list for all officers/crew on board for last 15 days.
  • Vaccination List from Master (with sign and stamp)
  • Corona virus declaration from Master as sample attached (with sign and stamp).
  • Crew List from Master (with sign and stamp).
  • Port of call list from Master (with sign and stamp).
  • Copy of National Passport.
  • Copy of National Seaman Book.
  • Copy of confirmed E-Ticket



Further Details:

  1. The Master must keep a log of daily temperature of each seafarer, serving onboard and a signed and stamped copy of this Crew Temperature Log is to be submitted to the Port Authorities along with other documents above. Any vessel calling Karachi or Port Qasim Outer Anchorage, must have their temperature monitored and logged onboard for the last 14 days (COVID-19 Quarantine Period) and recorded along with fever records of all crew, security guards, passengers, and supernumeraries.
  2. A Foreign seafarer who is signing off from the vessel calling Karachi Port or Anchorage must have COVID-19 Test carried out in Karachi. The report will be issued after 36 hours. Upon receiving Negative Test Report, the Seafarer will be allowed to depart from Karachi Airport with confirmed air ticket. In this case the vessel will stay at the Anchorage until Negative Test Report received.
  3. In case the seafarer had joined the vessel before the COVID-19 Pandemic and is not in possession of a RT-PCR report then 15 days fever monitoring record to be presented prior vessels arrival at Anchorage along with records of other personnel onboard to receive permission to sign off at Karachi Anchorage.
  4. Master has to declare and send all required pre-arrival health questionnaires from port health and on this basis if port health feels that Master has followed the SOPs as per their requirement and questionnaire they will issue the permission to join and sign off the crew. Port Health Circulars attached.

Outward Flight Schedules

Appended below please find Flight schedules of airlines having daily flights out of Karachi.





EK 607   15JUL    KHI – DXB             0315 0415

EK 001   15JUL    DXB – LHR           0745 1225


EK 605   15JUL    KHI – DXB             0700 0810

EK 003   15JUL    DXB – LHR           1415 1840


EK 607   15JUL    KHI – DXB             0315 0415

EK 201   15JUL    DXB – JFK            0830 1425


Important information

Hide details Collapse the content of this warning section.

  1. Passengers travelling from Pakistan to Dubai and beyond on Emirates will only be accepted on the flight upon presenting a negative COVID-19 PCR test result certificate at the time of check-in. This is mandatory regardless of local entry requirements at the passenger’s destination. The PCR test must be taken up to 4 days prior to the travel date (96 hours maximum) and must be conducted at the Emirates authorised Health Centre below at the passenger’s expense.

    Chughtai Labs(the link opens in a new window): +92-311-1456789 / Email

    Passengers must bring their Emirates booking and passport to the test lab.

  2. For passengers travelling to the United Kingdom, please read the UK government health advice(the link opens in a new window) and further guidance(the link opens in a new window).

    From 10 July, passengers arriving from certain countries will be able to enter the UK without having to self-isolate, unless they have travelled or transited through a non-exempt country 14 days before their arrival in the UK. The full list of the countries is published here(the link opens in a new window).





QR 605  15JUL    KHI – DOH            0445 0535

QR 003  15JUL    DOH – LHR           0705 1225


QR 605  15JUL    KHI – DOH            0445 0535

QR 007  15JUL    DOH – LHR           0900 1420


QR 605  15JUL    KHI – DOH            0445 0535

QR 701  15JUL    DOH – JFK            0815 1500



Passengers travelling from Pakistan are required to present a negative COVID-19 test result taken less than 72 hours prior to departure.




Sun, Tue, Fri,


GF 751   14JUL    KHI – BAH             0430 0515

GF 200715JUL    DOH – LHR           0200 0655




GF 753   19JUL    KHI – BAH             2040 2125

GF 007   20JUL    DOH – LHR           0200 0655

GF 6631 20JUL   LHR – JFK             0935 1215




Exp WED, FRI Daily


FZ 8318   16JUL    KHI – DXB             1210 1320

FZ 0007   17JUL    DXB – LHR            0230 0705


FZ 8318   16JUL    KHI – DXB             1210 1320

FZ 0201   17JUL    DXB – JFK            0830 1425


Expense details:

  1. Anchorage Dues will be paid to Karachi Port Trust @ GRT x USD 0.015 plus 16% VAT
  2. COVID-19 Test Cost about USD 50-60/- Per Person depending on hospital
  3. Boat Charges (roundtrip) if crew change carried out at OPL USD 500-800/- depending on position of vessel
  4. Boat Charges (roundtrip) if crew change carried out at Outer Anchorage, about 4-5 miles from breakwater, is about USD 300-400/- depending on position of vessel
  5. Road Transportation charges (roundtrip) for on/off signers to and from airport USD 500/- Per Minibus
  6. Custom/Immigration/Dock Security/Port Health etc. fees and charges about USD 180/- Per Person
  7. Hotel/Food charges if required on actual basis
  8. Agency fee for all work and documentation USD 1500/- per vessel



Message No. 46


Dear Members


Aa/  Crew Change Larnaca – Odessa


Please note that we are organizing a flight with a private jet as bellow for a crew change at Larnaca. We have available 20 seats on each leg which we are offering for 500 Euro per seat per leg and wandering if you can circulate this message to members.


Odessa 02 Aug 04:30LT – Larnaca 02 Aug 08:00LT

Larnaca 02 Aug 21:00LT – Odessa 03 August 00:40LT


Needless to say that any interested passenger, in order to board, should meet the requirements of each country regarding Covid-19 and visa, if any.



Bb/ Crew Changes in Nigeria – advice from member:


We have been trying to get seats on charter flights operated by Air France and Bulgarian Airlines – we are in contact with below listed travel agents that may be able to help:


[email protected]


Janneke Wolthuis [email protected]



With regards to Polish citizen we are on mailing list in Polish Embassy in Abudjah, they inform us on any possibility on the charter flights.

The current problem is that NCAA has reduced the position welcomed on board charter flights – before it was diplomats and essential workers and currently on majority on those connection only diplomats are allowed.


There is still on going issue with the cable grams and TWP visas – each of the agent we dealt failed and we are now trying to get those directly from Nigerian authorities, for the onsigners of course.


We have tried to send the crew based on the waiver issued by the NCAA allowing those whom TWP visa expired during COVID to arrive on approval letter – while we have been assured prior travel that this will be allowed and agreed, our crew has not been granted the entry and we were forced to send them home. So in gneral, someone gives you that option do not go this road ?



Cc/ Update from Philippines:

Inbound Travel Restrictions

Effective 22 March, No issuing visas as well as the visa-free privileges to all foreignersExcept: Foreign spouses and children of Filipino nationals, foreign crewmembers and foreign Government and International Officials Accredited to the Philippines. The Bureau of Immigration confirmed that the above still stands (BoI circular of 7 July).


On 14 July. DFA issued a NV exempting the 9 (e) visa holders of the quota limits imposed on arrival at NAIA..


Om 17 July, the National Task Force (NTF) for COVID-19 authorized an increase of inbound international passenger capacity at three international airports: Manila (NAIA), Clark (CIA) and Cebu (MCIA). With the increase, NAIA will now be allowed to accept 3,000 inbound international passengers daily, while MCIA and CIA will have a 1,500 daily international passenger restrictions.


Everybody arriving to the Philippines is subject to testing and quarantine in government approved centres (except diplomats that can self-quarantine). People are tested at the airport and then go to a hotel agreed by the government to spend the quarantine (People choose and pay from their pockets…) or if OFW we believe there are centres (free of charge)

the DoH memo attached.


Outbound Travel Restrictions

–        All Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and balikbayans shall be allowed to leave the country at any time, subject to availability of flights. Proof of international travel itinerary with departure scheduled within 24 hours from leaving residence or accommodation, within Luzon, must be presented.

–        Land, air, and sea travel of uniformed personnel (army and police) for official business, especially those transporting medical supplies, laboratory specimens, related to COVID-19, and other humanitarian assistance, shall be allowed.

–        All foreign nationals may fly out of the country at any time, subject to availability of flights.

–        On 29 May, the Bureau of immigration stated that the above restrictions remain in place under GCQ.

–        On 7 July, the suspension of non-essential travel by Filipinos was lifted subject to conditions and was suspended again on 23 July.  The IATF approved Resolution No. 57 which bans non-essential outbound travel for Filipino locals. Only essential outbound travel (business and work, medical, emergency, and other humanitarian issues that cannot be delayed) may be allowed.


International flights 

Terminal 3 of NAIA reopened on 8 July: Flights of All Nippon Airways (ANA), Air Aisa Berhad (AK), Cathay Pacific (CX), Emirates (EK), KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM), Qatar Airways (QR), Singapore Airlines (SQ) and Turkish Airlines (TK) will arrive and depart from Terminal 3.

PAL resumed international operations on 1 July, including to the UK (LHR) once a week.

From May 11 to September 2 inbound international charter and commercial flights landing at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) will have assigned days:

  • Inbound international commercial flights will be allowed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
  • Inbound international chartered flights will only be allowed to land on Mondays and Thursdays


En route flights experiencing emergency, ferry flights/cargo flights, air ambulance and medical supplies flights, government/military flights, weather mitigation flights, maintenance flights, and outbound ferry flights/cargo flights with passengers, as authorized, are unrestricted.


Companies providing connections to the EU

  • Qatar, Korean, Asiana, JAL, ANA and Gulf air continue to fly from Manila allowing connections to Europe.
  • Transit is allowed in Hong Kong from 1 June  flying with Cathay Pacific.
  • KLM flies MNL-AMS via Bangkok (technical stop) four times a week (Tue, Wed, Fri, Sun).
  • Emirates offers flights with connections to 29 cities through Dubai.
  • Etihad allows transfer connections via Abu Dhabi from Manila (4 times a week) to major cities across Europe — including Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Dublin, Frankfurt, Geneva, London Heathrow, Madrid, Milan, Paris, and Zurich.
  • Turkish airlines 2 flights per week as of July 25, 2020, 4 flights per week as of August 30, 2020.
  • PAL to London (weekly).

From 21 July, a RT-PCR negative test is required for the following destinations: Abu Dhabi (for transit), Dubai (for transit), RoK and HK (only to enter the SAR, not for transit).


On domestic flights still very difficult to say. Not yet operational and very expensive. See the table below.






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