Seacurus Daily: Top Ten Maritime News Stories 05/12/2017

Seacurus Daily: Top Ten Maritime News Stories 05/12/2017

1. Collision Crew in Custody
Crew members of a bunker tanker are in custody after their ship collided with a fishing vessel off Korea’s west coast, killing 13. The captain and a deckhand of the bunker tanker have been placed under emergency detention for questioning. Four other crew
are reportedly assisting the investigation into the incident.
The 336-tonne Myeongjin-15 bunker vessel collided with the 10-tonne fishing vessel Seonchang-1 early Sunday morning (3 December) in a narrow channel near the west coast city of Incheon. The precise cause of the incident is still unknown.
2. Danish Flag Flying High
The Danish and Singapore flags have had a bumper end to the year with Maersk Line deciding to reflag all the owned ships of its new acquisition, Hamburg Süd. While the Hamburg Süd brand will continue – with its famous red hulls – Maersk Line has wasted little
time enforcing other changes, most notably the reflagging of the German line’s fleet. “Hamburg Süd’s owned vessels change ownership to Maersk Line and fall under Danish ownership in Maersk Line A/S or Singaporean ownership under A. P. Moller Singapore,” a
spokesperson for Maersk Line in Copenhagen reported.

3. 50K Box Ship Tech

The recent forecast by McKinsey Consulting Group that container ships could eventually reach 50,000-TEUs capacity has prompted some technical evaluation of the concept. One possible option could involve the installation of an articulating hinge. A long-term
evolving trend has occurred in the container ship transportation sector and prompted by increased trade among distant nations. The size and capacity of container ships has steadily increased over the years from 800-TEUs during the late 1950’s to the present
22,000-TEUs vessels that have recently entered service.
4. MSC Boosting Lifting Capacity
Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) has hired MacGregor, part of Cargotec, to optimise the container carrying capabilities of the company’s 31 vessels from six different ship series. Upgrade work on the vessels will be carried out under a MacGregor Cargo
Boost service, part of its PlusPartner concept, which is designed to improve the earning potential of existing containerships. The upgrades include an individual plan for each vessel, with a focus on improving earning potential and efficiency. “Each cargo
system upgrade has been carefully designed with MSC,” Atte Virta, Naval Architect, Cargo Handling, MacGregor, said.
5. Offshore Contracts Fire Up
Norwegian offshore vessel giant SolstadFarstad has won several contracts for its vessels down in Australia. McDermott International’s affiliated company MAPL has awarded support vessel Far Stream and pipe-haul platform supply vessels performing services for
work offshore Western Australia. The contract is due to commence during the first half of 2018, with a combined utilisation of around 200 days. Cooper Energy has added to their previous award for their upcoming Bass Strait drilling campaign by contracting
a third anchor handler, Far Statesman, for a period of 100 days commencing during the first quarter of 2018.
6. Tackling Container Fires
Container fires can be extremely serious generating superhot temperatures, spreading rapidly through other boxes, endangering the lives of the crew and the ship as whole. As containerships get ever larger the potential problem is multiplied yet when it comes
to tools to fight these fires, which can rage at up 500 degrees C or more, they are remarkably primitive. The Swedish Club fire guide, entitled “Fire!”, says that just 0.76% of cargo claims are due to fire, yet in terms of total costs of claims fire relates
to some 28%. Huge costs, and threats to life mean that tackling them needs to be a priority.

7. DHL Bomb Blackmail
Police investigating a bomb found at a Christmas market in Germany on Friday say it was not terrorism but an attempt to blackmail the shipping company, DHL. The nail bomb was sent in a parcel to a pharmacy near a market in Potsdam. Police performed a controlled
explosion on the device, which was full of explosives but had no detonator. After scanning a QR code on the package, police found that those involved demanded millions of euros to not set the bomb off.

8. Bitcoin for Sanctions Busting
A Ukrainian shipping company has become the first to accept payment in bitcoin. Its motivation for taking the digital currency? To evade economic sanctions. Shipping companies are obliged not to trade with sanction-hit countries such as Sudan, Yemen, and Qatar.
Bitcoin provides a means of ensuring payment whilst enabling shippers to continue trading with these nations. Bitcoin’s real-world use cases are often regarded from a consumer perspective. Increasingly, however, the digital currency is proving its worth not
with P2P but B2B, especially to conduct business with sanctioned states.
9. Cruise Ship’s New Home
MSC Cruises’ huge £800m "MSC Preziosa" ship will be based in the port from 2019. The 3,502-passenger ship, which was launched in 2013, will split its time between Southampton and Kiel in Germany. It will offer ten-night cruises to the Baltic in the spring and
autumn. It features sweeping Swarovski crystal grand staircases, a magical infinity pool, health spa, theatre, casino, nightclub and a plethora of bars and restaurants. Antonio Paradiso, MSC Cruises’ managing director for UK and Ireland, said the move was
wonderful news. He said: “I’ve long wanted to have a big ship based here in the UK.

10. Timing Is Key for Casualties
Time is of the essence in ship casualty response and the way things are done now, operators are often already on the back foot with a delayed start to a process that can quickly escalate. TMC Marine MD Simon Burthem said: “Managing maritime casualties is a
sophisticated and complicated exercise but the expertise is there.” The risks are not small. Citing figures from the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), Burthem noted that in 2016 there were some 3,296 casualties of which 91 were very serious, 31 ships
were lost, there were 976 injuries which resulted in 115 fatalities and 125 flag investigations.

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