Seacurus Daily: Top Ten Maritime News Stories 24/11/2017

Seacurus Daily: Top Ten Maritime News Stories 24/11/2017

1. Crew Numbers Conundrum
World’s most famous shipping journalist, has lashed out at the minimal number of seafarers onboard ships today. Michael Grey, formerly the editor of both Lloyd’s List and Fairplay, has expressed concern on growing
automation and “corporate beancounters” slashing outlays on crewing. 
He said the industry had “overcomplicated things” by focusing on numbers versus qualifications, competence or experience.
2. Supranational Answer on Abandonment
There is nothing new about seafarers being abandoned. Any workable solution has to have practical economic sense to it. Doubtless rogue owners see economic advantage in deliberately abandoning the ship once it is no longer earning, One experts
believes a supranational organisation could 
work in rescuing abandoned crews, if it was to have direct and immediate access to the only reliable source of funds, the value of the ship.
3. Slowdown in Sales
The last week has seen a slowdown in the secondhand bulk carrier sales in line with recent slowdown in the freight market. However, buyers’ interest and prices remain firm. “On the dry bulk side, it seems to have been a week
with focus on very modern tonnage with a considerable number of relatively modern tonnage changing hands. It seems to be that activity was limited to only panamax and supramax vessels
4. Speeding Tickets Issued
Transport Canada said it continues to take action to help ensure navigational safety and to protect the marine environment after issuing three speeding fines. In August, Transport Canada implemented a temporary mandatory
slowdown of vessels 20 meters (66 feet) or more to a maximum of 10 knots due to the increased presence of whales in the western Gulf of St. Lawrence, between the Quebec north shore and just north of Prince Edward Island.
5. New Head at Heidmar
Norwalk-headquartered tanker operator Heidmar has appointed James Pippard as its new Chief Executive Officer. James will oversee  the global footprint of the Company’s five Pools, with offices in Norwalk, CT, London and Singapore.
James is a respected and successful figure in the tanker shipping industry and during his 25 years at Teekay, he has worked in a variety of commercial management roles in Houston, Vancouver, London and Singapore.
6. Fastest Growing Flag
Palau International Ship Registry has become the fastest growing flag in the shipping world with 43.2 percent growth in the number of vessels joining the registry since 2013, according to Fairplay magazine. Recording strong
growth that puts it well ahead of other expanding registries such as Portugal, Saudi Arabia and the Cook Islands, Palau has attracted significant numbers of tankers into its fleet along with Ro-Ro vessels, bulk carriers and offshore ships.

7. 50K Impossible Vision
The 50,000 teu containership recently forecast by consultants McKinsey was dismissed as neither needed or possible by senior industry executives at a conference in Hong Kong. As containerships grow ever larger McKinsey forecast
that come 2067 we would see 50,000 teu autonomous vessels. 
While the largest boxships have nearly quadrupled from 6,000 teu in 1996 to 22,000 teu today around 24,000 teu in capacity is generally seen as the upper size
8. Slow to Act on Cyber
Why has the insurance industry not moved faster on cyber? According to one expert, “About a year ago, our company began to study the matter…The first responses did not show any obvious
need to offer insurance coverage that would include cyber risks. Nevertheless, we continued our studies, following the path of the product that the Unipolsai Group had already offered in other sectors, with the goal of providing our clients with a specific
SIAT product.”
9. Shipping’s Piece of Paradise
The release of the Paradise Papers, detailing offshore activities of some of the world’s most powerful people and companies, has caused a stir in various sectors, including the shipping industry. The Paradise Papers disclosed
offshore interests and activities of more than 120 politicians and world leaders, and has shown startling links to shipping. 
In addition, tax evasion has emerged as one of the major issues plaguing the industry.
10. Huge New Diamond Ship
Anglo American’s diamond unit De Beers is planning what it says will be the largest diamond mining vessel ever built. "Deb marine Namibia", a 50/50 joint venture between the Namibian Government and De Beers Group, has announced a Memorandum
of Understanding with Norwegian shipbuilder Kleven for the construction of 176-meter custom-built diamond mining vessel. 
The new vessel will cost around $142 million and will begin operations in 2021.
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