Five Ships Search For Lost Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370

Five ships are now involved in the search for missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, according to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

Australian tanker HMAS Success remains in the search area about 2,500km southwest of Perth and is joined by four Chinese ships; research/supply ship Xue Long, bulk carrier Kun Lun Shan , product tanker Haikou and another vessel, Qiandaohu.

Vehicle carrier, Höegh St. Petersburg, which was diverted last week from its Madagascar to Melbourne voyage to look for the plane, has left the search.

It is expected to arrive in Melbourne tomorrow, according to satellite ship-tracking data from Lloyd’s List Intelligence.

Some 11 aircraft are also searching for the missing plane today, said Amsa.

Today’s search is split into two areas of the southern Indian Ocean covering 78,000 sq km, it said.

Flight MH370 was flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8 when it lost contact with air traffic controllers. It carried 239 people on board.

Britain’s Inmarsat has reportedly used technology to locate the plane.

Inmarsat’s satellite picked up “pings” from flight MH370, automatically transmitted every hour from the aircraft after the rest of its communications systems stopped, suggesting it continued to fly for hours after it disappeared from its flight path from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

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