Citadel Saves Torm Ship

Pirates have narrowly failed to hijack a Torm tanker off the coast of Somalia.

A gang using two skiffs targeted and boarded the 57,000-dwt Torm Kristina (built 1999) as it headed for Muscat on Saturday night.

Crew members mustered in the citadel and awaited the arrival of an EU warship.
According to NATO pirates are thought to have left the vessel after seeing the approach of the HDMS Iver Huitfeldt.

Successful boardings and hijackings are now rare off Somalia, where the use of armed guards, navy patrols and anti-piracy protection on ships has made life difficult for pirates.

It is not yet clear if the Torm Kristina was carrying a security team and attempts to reach both the owner and NATO for clarification were not immediately successful.

Vice Admiral Christian Canova, Deputy Commander at Allied Maritime Command said: “Despite the winter monsoon which generates bad sea states, this incident demonstrates the pirates are still active and able to operate far away from Somalia but we are watching them and when best management practices such as citadels are in effect on merchant vessels, we are able to react quickly and deter pirate actions.”
The Torm Kristina was en route to Muscat when the attack took place.


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