ARC Intelligence – Togo – Local Unrest – 01-080917



Event: Local Unrest


Date and Time: 8 September 2017


Location: Lomé, Togo


Position: Across Lomé, Togo


Description: There is ongoing civil unrest in Lomé, Togo due to political demonstrations, with large crowds forming in public areas and security forces reacting with controlling measures, including the firing
of tear gas and riot control tactics. 


The government has also shut down communications, including internet and SMS text messaging. Services such as email and WhatsApp are intermittent, with some land lines also not working. Social media is likely
to be restricted as well.


Any communications to Togo should be followed up with direct calls to ensure messages are received.


As security forces will be focused on shore based problems, all vessels in Togo anchorage should operate at a higher level of security, as in the event of a security or safety incident, any response from the
shore is likely to be severely delayed. 


Any crew transferring through Lomé port should be briefed on the current situation, and should avoid large crowds of people due to risk of being caught up in confrontations between civilians and security forces.



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