InterManager Daily News 15.08.2023.

1. Geneva declaration on human rights at sea commentary issued. The first Commentary to accompany the Geneva Declaration on Human Rights at Sea has been issued providing a strategic overview of the need contribution and impact that the soft law instrument will have. The Geneva Declaration on Human Rights at Sea (the Declaration) is a civil society initiated soft law instrument designed to bring greater legal certainty and clarity to the emerging topic and narrative of ‘human rights at sea’, itself intimately linked to the protection of all persons at sea without exception.
2. Xeneta container freight update Spot rates rally on key Far East trade lanes after latest GRI moves Spot rates for containerized ocean freight have climbed across three leading Far East export corridors after the latest round of General Rate Increases from carriers. The news, revealed by Oslo’s Xeneta, provides welcome relief for a segment that has been “up against the ropes” for much of 2023, fighting against declining demand and volumes, married to escalating overcapacity and continuing economic uncertainty.
3. BIMCO Shipping Number of the Week. Record high ship deliveries boost container fleet capacity by 4.3 “Deliveries of new container ships during the first seven months of the year reached a new record high of 1.2 million TEU in 2023, beating the previous record by 0.2 million TEU. As recycling of ships has remained low, the fleet capacity has grown 4.3% since January,” says Niels Rasmussen, Chief Shipping Analyst at BIMCO.
4. East of Suez Bunker fuel availability outlook by ENGINE. A source says availability has improved in Singapore amid “quiet demand.” Several suppliers, that were offering VLSFO and HSFO at lead times of almost two weeks last week, are now offering both grades at shorter lead times of 8-9 days. Lead times of LSMGO have nearly halved from 4-7 days last week to just 2-4 days now.
5. Best results we have ever had since Euroseas became a containership focused public company in 2018 says Aristides Pittas, Chairman and CEO of Euroseas. Euroseas an owner and operator of container carrier vessels and provider of seaborne transportation for containerized cargoes, announced its results for the three- and six-month periods ended June 30, 2023.
6. China beats Greece to become the world’s largest shipowning nation by gross tonnage. For the first time in the modern era, China can now boast the world’s largest merchant fleet in gross tonnage (gt) terms, edging past Greece, according to data from Clarksons Research. Greece still retains an edge however when the rankings are measured by deadweight (dwt). Japan remains in third place on Clarksons’ shipowning podium.
7. UN completes delicate operation to remove oil from stricken FSO off Yemen On Friday evening, the United Nations successfully completed the transfer of oil from the FSO Safer off Yemen’s Red Sea coast, preventing the immediate threat of a massive spill. The Safer has been at risk of breaking up or exploding for years. A major spill from the vessel would have resulted in an environmental and humanitarian catastrophe.
8. Russian Warship Fires Warning Shots At Cargo Ship. A Russian warship on Sunday fired warning shots at a cargo ship in the southwestern Black Sea as it made its way northwards, the first time Russia has fired on merchant shipping beyond Ukraine since exiting a landmark UN-brokered grain deal last month. In July, Russia halted participation in the Black Sea grain deal that allowed Ukraine to export agricultural produce via the Black Sea. Moscow said that it deemed all ships heading to Ukrainian waters to be potentially carrying weapons.
9. Repairing and Upgrading NOAA’s Great White Ships. In the realm of seafaring, mariners maintain a keen eye on two things: weather and the maps that guide them safely through unknown waters. These nautical charts don’t just ensure the smooth journey of seafarers but also provide invaluable data for those engaged in both commercial and recreational fishing. Often, the heart of an uncharted territory beats with the discovery of an unseen species, lurking somewhere deep below.
10. Sailors’ Society crisis team support shipwreck crew and their families. Sailors’ Society’s Crisis Response Network is supporting survivors of a shipwrecked trawler after an urgent search and rescue operation took place off the Southern Cape coast of South Africa. The experienced team from the global maritime welfare charity is also comforting families of the seven-strong crew, four of whom died when the local fishing trawler washed up on rocks in rough seas.


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