Al Masaood Energy Columbia Group and Fameline Holding Group signed wide ranging cooperation agreement for energy logistics performance optimisation and maritime supply services

Al Masaood Energy, one of the first established oil and gas suppliers and contractors based in the UAE, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation  with the Columbia Group and Fameline Holding Group to explore opportunities in the industrial and maritime sector.

Al Masaood Energy provides advanced energy services throughout the UAE the Middle East, North Africa, the Eastern Mediterranean and South Asia. Additionally, the company is known as one of the key local sponsors, agents and strategic partners of multinational contractors and manufacturers operating within the energy industry in the UAE.

One of the most prestigious and ambitious projects of Al Masaood Energy is the development of an integrated industrial ‘mega-base’ in the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD). This 300,000 square metre complex will house future business and operational functions including headquarters, workshops, warehouses, knowledge centre, manufacturing facilities, showrooms, catering areas, and accommodations, as well as a jetty berthing facility to serve the offshore logistics requirements of its customers.

As part of the newly announced cooperation, Columbia and Fameline will support Al Masaood Energy in the ‘mega-base’ project by providing engineering, procurement and logistics expertise, particularly in the construction, maintenance, and operation of the jetty berthing facility.

Columbia is a world-class experienced integrated maritime and logistics services platform offering a variety of ship management and maritime related services including the development of new logistics and ship performance solutions. Columbia’s maritime service catalogue, engineering experience and worldwide network of clients and partners will add value to the ‘mega-base’ project. The Fameline Holding Group operates in the various sectors of supply of products and services related to the shipping industry worldwide. Being an existing trusted partner of Al Masaood in several joint venture companies, Fameline will be able to expand their service network in the Middle East by operating from the ‘mega-base’ as a result of this strategic partnership.

Further collaboration areas among the three partners include the exploration of recruitment and management of the required workforce where aspects of employee welfare will be considered, including proper nutrition, medical supplies, mental health, e-learning and training concepts.

Dr. Ahmad El Tannir, General Manager of Al Masaood Energy, said: “Al Masaood Energy is delighted to partner along with two leading players of the maritime logistics and deploy full capabilities to the benefit of our ongoing mega-base project. By partnering with Fameline Holding Group and Columbia Ship Management, we aim not only to diversify on a strategic level but also enable strong synergies by joining logistics expertise to build on our core activities and further serve our customer requirements within the evolving energy segment in Abu Dhabi for the years to come”.

Adamos Seraphides, CEO of Fameline Holding Group, said: “We are pleased to further expand our partnership with both industry leaders and trusted partners in the Middle East. We are thrilled to become part of the exciting ‘mega-base’ project and are fully committed to add value to this ambitious infrastructure development.”

Mark O’Neil, CEO of Columbia, said: “We look forward to working with Fameline and Al Masaood on the exciting journey of building the state-of-the-art integrated industrial complex in the very heart of the UAE ambitions. Our advanced engineering expertise, digitalisation and software engineering, as well as maritime knowledge and network will certainly help to achieve Al Masaood’s goals for the benefit of the region and globally.

“Undoubtedly, this partnership showcases Columbia’s further commitment to the Middle East, where we have started our expansion last year with the creation of a standalone ship management entity in Saudi Arabia and the engagement with the ship yard International Maritime Industries to provide maritime services to the King Salman International Complex in Ras Al Khair.”



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