InterManager Daily News 31.01.2020.

1. Medics refusing to board ships arriving from China?

Strange news, or rumors, from Greece – mega container ship YM WARRANTY can’t enter Piraeus port on arrival from China, via Singapore and Suez, because medical facilities can’t provide proper and reliable medical check of ship’s crew. It is said, that port’s medics refused to board the ship, to carry out crew health screening. With that said, there were no alerts from ship’s Master, that there’s anyone ill on board, or having virus-like symptoms. What’s going on, yet unclear.

2. Chinese pair isolated in infirmary, 6,000 people locked in COSTA cruise ship, Italy

Chinese family pair, husband and wife, are reportedly isolated in hospital on board of Costa Cruises cruise ship at Civitavecchia, Italy, on Jan 30. Both are suffering from fever and respiratory complications, both are presently undergoing medical checks, coronavirus suspected to be the case. Some 6,000 people on board are banned from disembarking, understood both passengers and crew.

3. MAERSK container ship breakdown in Gibraltar Strait, towage

Container ship MAERSK BATUR suffered engine failure shortly after leaving Algeciras, in the afternoon Jan 29, being en route from Algeciras to Newark USA. At the time of breakdown the ship was sailing in Gibraltar Strait, she started to drift. Master informed authorities, tug was contracted to tow the ship back to Algeciras, reportedly to be docked in Campameno, for repairs. As of 0530 UTC Jan 30, towage was still under way in the Strait, escorted by Spain SAR ship SAR MASTELERO, ETA Algeciras Jan 30.

4. Tanker on fire, probably abandoned VLCC, Persian Gulf

According to information from different sources, there were 16 people on board, all safely evacuated. Maintenance works mentioned as cause of fire, so assumedly, there were some hot works on cargo deck, or in cargo tank, which sparked off fire and highly likely, explosion. Tanker is in a lay-up for at least two years. Ships in lay-up are prone to all kinds of accidents, including fire, leaks, developing list, etc.

5. South Korea ramping up virus defense in sea ports

South Korea is strengthening coronavirus preventive measures in its’ ports, and as of Jan 28, all cargo ships arriving from China are subject to quarantine and strict medical check. It sums up to some 40-70 ships weekly, including container ships. Prior to Jan 28, such measures were applied only to ships arriving from ports of Guangdong, Yunnan, Jiangsu and Hunan Provinces.

6. Cocaine, GRIMALDI’s ro-ro, Dakar – routine scheme

Cocaine again, and again it’s GRIMALDI’s ro-ro cargo ship GRANDE NIGERIA, and again it’s Dakar Senegal. 120 kilograms of cocaine packed in 4 bags were found in ship’s ventilation system on Jan 28, ship’s crew are presently interrogated. Customs were tipped off on drugs contraband by an informant. The ship arrived at Dakar of Jan 24 from Brazil, and as of morning Jan 29, was still at Dakar.

7. Blaze breaks out on disused VLCC off Dubai

An out-of-use VLCC caught fire yesterday 21 nautical miles northwest of Dubai.

Splash understands the Zoya 1, which has not traded for the last three years and has seen its crew face appalling conditions onboard, was having its tanks cleaned in preparation for scrapping when the blaze broke out yesterday.

8. Shipping’s green $1trn is a profitable investment, not a cost

Earlier this month, the Global Maritime Forum presented its report on the level of investment required to decarbonise the shipping sector. But instead of being discussed as a giant global investment opportunity, the headline figure of over $1trn was instead reported by some as a threat. This misleading interpretation of the paper potentially damages and undermines efforts to decarbonise the industry.

9. International Seaways seals refinancing with pricing linked to carbon efficiency

American tanker operator International Seaways has closed credit facilities worth a total of $390m, used to refinance $385m of existing debt. The facilities consists of a 5-year $300m senior secured term loan facility, a 5-year $40m revolving credit facility and a 2.5-year $50m senior secured term loan credit facility.

10. African Ports Platform Investment

A.P. Moller Capital is making a sizable investment in a ports and logistics platform in West Africa to create growth and development.

The investment will see A.P. Moller Capital take 43% ownership of the platform, an infrastructure ecosystem of ports, trucking, warehouses and rail services. The platform is managed by ARISE Ports & Logistics, based in the UK.


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