InterManager Daily News 23.12.2019.

1. Three vessels attacked, Captains and CO kidnapped, LCT skipper killed, Gabon

Several vessels were attacked by pirates at Libreville anchorage, Gabon Estuary, Gabon, Gulf of Guinea, at 0200 UTC Dec 22. According to Dryad Global report, two Chinese fishing vessels, GUOJI 867 and GUOJI 838, and local landing craft vessel, were attacked. Captain and Chief Officer of both fishing vessels understood to be kidnapped, Skipper of landing craft vessel killed.

2. Cargo ship grounded by storm, crew evacuated, Italy

General cargo ship CDRY BLUE was pushed aground by storm in Sant’Antioco area, south-western Sardinia, late Dec 21. The ship left Cagliari bound for Spain with cargo of coffee, encountered rough weather and tried to shelter, but failed. She’s hard on rocks, reportedly. 12 crew evacuated. No information on damages.

3. Turkish freighter seized by Libyan National Army

The Libyan National Army (LNA) forces seized a ship with a Turkish crew off the Libyan coast, the LNA’s press service said on Dec 21. “A vessel under the flag of Grenada, with a team of Turkish citizens on board, was detained,” the press service said.

According to vessel’s details, she was en route from Malta to Alexandria Egypt, but intercepted sometime Dec 21 and taken to Ras Al-Hilal port for inspection.

4. Supertanker kidnapped crew released

Crude oil tanker NAVE CONSTELLATION was attacked by pirates at 1830 UTC Dec 3 in vicinity 03 05N 007 06E, Gulf of Guinea, while en route from Bonny Offshore Terminal to India, i.e. in full load, with minimal freeboard. 19 crew, including 18 Indian and 1 Turkish nationalities, were kidnapped. They’ve been released on Dec 21, all are safe.

5. Bulk carrier Captain knifed by crew, died

Captain of Turkish bulk carrier INCE KARADENIZ was killed by a crew member, oiler, in the morning Dec 20, bulk carrier is en route from Indonesia via Singapore to Suez, W of Sri Lanka. Understood Captain reprimanded oiler earlier, so he went angry or something. He attacked Captain with a knife, two other crew who tried to stop him were wounded. Perpetrator sliced Captain’s throat with a knife, and understood to be later neutralized. The ship contacted Sri Lanka authorities and changed course, heading for Colombo. Turkish Consulate is also informed.

6. Two bulk carriers and Suezmax tanker attacked in one day, Singapore Strait

Three ships were attacked by pirates in Singapore Strait early in the morning, and late at night, on Dec 20, reported South East Asia piracy watchdog ReCAAP

7. Luxury cruise ship hits conservation reef, Papua

Cruise ship AQUA BLU with dozens of tourists on board ran onto reef off Wajag Island, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua, Indonesia, on Dec 18. The ship refloated with high tide and headed for Batanta island. Understood AQUA BLU didn’t suffer serious damages, but reef was damaged, local community and authorities are trying to assess damage.

8. Cruise ships CARNIVAL GLORY and CARNIVAL LEGEND collision

Carnival cruise ships CARNIVAL GLORY and CARNIVAL LEGEND collided early in the morning Dec 20 in Cozumel, Mexico. Both ships seem to be under way at the time of collision, maneuvering to berth. Both ships sustained damages, CARNIVAL GLORY looking like damaged most. Both were berthed after collision, and as 1830 UTC Dec 20, remained berthed.

9. No IMO 2020 Cap in Eurasian Economic Union waters. Congratulations!

Dec 19: The Council of five-member Eurasian Economic Union EEC, which includes Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and Armenia, postponed the implementation of IMO 2020 Sulphur Cap on ships fuels for four years.

IMO 2020 Cap “will lead to a sharp hike in the price of fuel for the river fleet and river-sea vessels, which operate mainly in Russia’s territorial waters,” Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said.

10. Reefer on fire in the Pacific – all 23 crew rescued by tanker GOLDEN ASPIRANT

All 23 crew of burning reefer were rescued by MT GOLDEN ASPIRANT on Dec 18, all are in good health, remaining on board of a tanker. GOLDEN ASPIRANT is due at Yokohama on Dec 21.


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