InterManager Daily News 10.06.2019.

1. Norway CG ship listed in dock, stabilized
Norwegian Coast Guard ship BARENTSHAV, dry docked in Alesund Norway since Jun 3, developed starboard list and rested on Vegsund Slip floating dock’s wall in the afternoon Jun 9. Some 30 people on board left the ship. BARENTSHAV reportedly is already stabilized with no danger of any further negative developments. Cause of accident yet unknown. As can be seen on photos, floating dock also listed.

2. Stowaway tried to set MSC container ship on fire. “Distressed” migrant?
Container ship MSC CANBERRA alerted Israel authorities early in the morning Jun 9, reporting arson attempt by an unidentified person on board. At the time of alert the ship was anchored on Haifa anchorage, to be docked at Haifa on Jun 10. Israeli Defence Forces and Police team boarded the ship and took situation under control, perpetrator was seized and taken on shore. Crew are safe. He was found to be a stowaway, and according to Israeli media reports, went on rampage, started to break items, and tried to set the ship on fire. The ship arrived from Mersin Turkey.

3. Unusual grounding
Container ship CHRISTOPHER ran onto Kiel Canal embankment approaching Brunsbuettel in the afternoon Jun 7. The ship was freed with the help of the tug and according to track, berthed near grounding site, for inspection. She was allowed to resume transit early in the morning Jun 8. CHRISTOPHER reached port of destination Hamburg in the afternoon Jun 8, extent of damages unknown. Master of the ship said to be blamed for accident. It is interesting to note, that the ship grounded broadside, rather unusual angle for such kind of accidents.

4. General cargo ship fire, Indonesia
General cargo ship MENTARI SELARAS caught fire in superstructure, probably in engine room, on Jun 8, in vicinity 09 34S 120 15E, near Waingapu port, Sumba island, Indonesia, Savu sea. Understood 17 crew remained on board, SAR team from Waingapu was deployed to assist crew in firefighting. Reportedly, fire was extinguished, disabled ship was towed back to Waingapu. The ship was en route from Waingapu to Ende, Flores island. Her last AIS records are dated 2018, she was under the name KANNON BARU.

5. Container ship sunk historic tall ship in collision, 43 rescued, 5 injured, Elbe
Container ship ASTROSPRINTER collided with historic wooden sailing ship NO.5 ELBE at around 1200 UTC Jun 8 on Elbe near river Schwinger mouth, Stade. Container ship was proceeding downstream from Hamburg, to North sea. Sailing ship, which costly restoration was completed just a week ago, couldn’t be, regretfully, salvaged. She sank. There were 43 people on board of NO 5 ELBE, all were rescued, but 5 were injured, 1 of them seriously. ASTROSPRINTER continued moving to Elbe estuary, was anchored off Brunsbuettel at around 1430 UTC for pending investigation.

6. Russian Navy destroyer reckless maneuvering probably ordered by very top
UPDATE: Russian destroyer skipper just couldn’t maneuver in such reckless manner, openly hostile and provocative, out of his own will, there should be an order from the top, Navy hierarchy and books strictly limit boundaries of skipper’s actions. Russian mainstream media, full of incident news and accusations directed at US Navy, today Jun 8 went abruptly silent. No news, no updates, no accusations. Truth is too obvious – Russian ship initiated incident, and is solely to blame.

7. Offshore tug collided with oil platform, personnel evacuated
Offshore supply tug SJOBORG collided with oil platform STATFJORD A early in the morning Jun 7 in North sea, said platform operator EQUINOR in official statement. According to Reuters citing EQUINOR, all 276 people on platform have been evacuated, they’ve been airlifted to nearby platforms by helicopters. Extent of platform damages unknown, maybe evacuation was more a precaution, than imminent danger of disaster.

8. Ferry aground, hundreds of passengers evacuated, Sunda Strait
Ferry MUTIARA PERSADA 2 with hundreds of passengers on board reportedly ran aground off Rimau Balak island, on approaches to Bakaheni, west Sumatra, Sunda Strait, at around 0400 LT Jun 7, while en route to Bakauheni from Merak Java. As of 1200 LT ferry was still aground, according to track. All passengers were evacuated and transferred to Bakauheni.

9. World Oceans Day ‘Investing in Ocean Futures: Finance and Innovation for the Blue Economy”
World Ocean Council (WOC) Launches Program for Sustainable Ocean Summit 2019 (20-22 November, Paris) ayto einai to sponsoroevent tis kurioulas!!
Every day is World Oceans Day at the World Ocean Council. And every day presents opportunities for investment and innovation in ocean health and sustainable development.

10. Is new shipping finance model a game-changer or one-off?
Ship finance matters to ocean freight because vessel capacity ebbs and flows based on how much money sloshes around the system. Ship finance also matters because financial arrangements, particularly debt agreements, can hamstring vessel owners, sometimes to the detriment of the shippers of freight.


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