Seacurus Daily: Top Ten Maritime News Stories 11/01/2018

Seacurus Daily: Top Ten Maritime News Stories 11/01/2018

1. Tanker Suffers Explosion
NITC tanker "Sanchi", which has been on fire for five days since a collision with Chinese bulker CF Crystal, suffered a partial explosion onboard the vessel yesterday. According to China’s Ministry of Transport, rescue vessels were attempting to get near
the tanker in order to better assess the situation when the bow suddenly exploded, forcing the suspension of firefighting operations. Authorities had earlier warned that the tanker was at risk of exploding. The tanker has now drifted about 65 miles southeast
from the site of the initial incident, while the fire onboard continues to rage.

2. Record Box Ship Deliveries
January will be a record month for containership deliveries, with Alphaliner listing seven so called megamax newbuildings of 19,000 to 21,000 teu due to join the fleet. “The month will set the stage for the rest of 2018, with a record number of ULCS in
the size range from 14,000 to 21,000 teu planned for delivery this year,” Alphaliner stated in its latest weekly report. However, the analysts noted that several carriers have deferred some deliveries to next year, most notably China’s Cosco which has postponed
taking 10 of its 28 ULCS until 2019. Yang Ming has also delayed three 14,000 teu ships in its vessel pipeline to 2019.

3. Bomb Attack Foiled
The Saudi coalition backing the Yemeni government in Yemen’s civil war has thwarted an attempted bomb-boat attack on a tanker off Hodeidah.  A spokesman told media that over the weekend, coalition forces destroyed a boat laden with explosives that was
headed for an unnamed tanker. He suggested that the attack was evidence that militants in Hodeidah pose a threat to merchant shipping in the Red Sea and at the chokepoint at its southern end, the Strait of Bab al-Mandeb. In addition, he said that militia members
attempted to target a Saudi jet over the weekend using "advanced weaponry."

4. Cargo Of Explosives Seized
The Hellenic Coast Guard has seized the cargo ship Andromeda after finding 29 containers of ammonium nitrate and detonators on board, along with 11 empty LPG tanks.  The cargo was loaded in Mersin and Iskenderum, Turkey, and its bill of lading indicated
that it was bound for Djibouti and Oman. However, the coast guard investigators allege that the vessel had orders to sail to Misrata, Libya to offload the shipment. The European Union forbids the transfer or sale to Libyan entities of goods that could be used
for internal repression, including explosives and related equipment.
5. Fire Payments Hampered
The reluctance of foreign banks to deal with Iran could complicate any compensation payments resulting from the collision last week of an Iranian oil tanker and a Chinese cargo ship. The tanker "Sanchi", carrying 136,000 tonnes of highly flammable condensate
oil, collided with the Chinese dry cargo vessel "CF Crystal" on Saturday in the East China Sea, causing an oil spill and a blaze that is still raging four days later. Liability has yet to be established but lawyers and insurers say wherever the fault lies
compensation payments risk getting bogged down or even blocked because the tanker and most of its crew were from Iran.
6. Ultra Large Deliveries Postponed
Where contracts allow, ocean carriers are starting to postpone deliveries of new ultra-large container vessels (ULCVs) in the face of the return of the twin challenges of cellular overcapacity and softening demand. Alphaliner claimed today that Cosco has
deferred 10 of the 28 ULCVs it was due to receive this year to 2018 and Yang Ming has pushed back delivery of three 14,000 teu vessels into next year. Despite these deferrals, Alphaliner calculated there would still be some 1.5m teu of newbuild containerships
entering service this year of which 1.2m teu is slated for delivery before the end of June.
7. Cost of Fair Labour
The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) has claimed that the cost of hiring Aussie seafarers to move fuel around the nation’s coast averages out to about one cent per litre at the bowser. “The collision of an oil tanker and a bulk freighter off China’s east coast
this week and recent comments from Government MPs and Senators raising concerns that Australia has only 19 days’ supply of fuel has put this important issue back in the news,” said the MUA in a statement.
8. Company Hit in Scam
A shipping company has failed in an attempt to recover $1.8m from Standard Chartered Bank that was paid fraudulently after an unknown third party accessed the client’s email account in an apparent "whaling" scam. The Singapore High Court dismissed a claim by
Major Shipping & Trading Inc against Standard Chartered over four payments totaling $1.84m, which were made by the bank following the receipt of email instructions. Major Shipping & Trading is now appealing the case. Major Shipping & Trading is a British Virgin
Islands incorporated company involved in the trading and shipping of cement clinker.
9. New Bermuda Triangle
Using data from Lloyd’s List Intelligence casualty statistics a new report reveals that East/South East Asian waters as the top worldwide hotspot for shipping losses. The 34 ships lost in this region in 2016 account for 40% of global losses of 85 ships
for the period. Although the main losses were freight and container vessels, passenger ships are also included in the totals. The areas in question incorporate the collective maritime zones covering Japan, Korea, North China as well as South China, South East
Asia, Indonesia and Philippines.
10.  Russian Navy in Collision
Russia’s navy said on Wednesday a Sierra Leone-flagged cargo ship collided with one of its warships on the Aegean Sea on Dec. 30, Russian news agencies said. Damage to the Russian naval vessel, part of the Black Sea fleet, was slight and it has now returned
to port, Interfax news agency said, citing sources. The Russian warship was traveling from the Mediterranean sea to Sevastopol, a major port on the Crimean peninsula, the TASS agency said.

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