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Who are we?

InterManager is the international trade association for the shipmanagement industry.

Our members are in-house or third party ship managers, crew managers or related organisations and businesses from throughout the shipping industry.

Collectively InterManager members are involved in the management of more than 5,000 ships and responsible for in excess of 250,000 seafarers.

InterManager is the only organisation exclusively dedicated to representing the shipmanagement industry. It is a recognised and well-respected organisation which represents its members at international level, lobbying on their behalf to ensure their views and needs are taken into account within the world-wide maritime industry.

In addition, InterManager is committed to improving transparency and governance in the shipping world and ensuring high standards are maintained throughout the shipmanagement sector.

Under its current President, Gerardo Borromeo, InterManager’s key goals on behalf of its members include:

  • driving efficiency onboard and ashore
  • overcoming administrative burdens
  • emphasising education and training to improve standards and aid recruitment
  • and improving the crew wellness index

InterManager is the voice of shipmanagement.

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Phuket Piracy Pow-wow

Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian and Singaporean officials have met this week in Phuket in a bid to improve their joint campaign against piracy.

The closed-door meeting was the 27th of the Malacca … (Read more…)

Piracy surges in SE Asia

A small coastal tanker is hijacked every two weeks on average, IMB report shows.

A small coastal tanker is hijacked by pirates in South East Asia every two weeks on average, … (Read more…)

Industry Welcomes EU “10-point-plan” On People Smuggling

Following the loss of hundreds of lives, industry groups have praised the decision to call an extraordinary session of EU leaders on Thursday to address people smuggling in the Mediterranean.

EU … (Read more…)

Press Releases

InterManager President Outlines Ship Management Mantra To Navigate Shipping Industry Challenges

How can ship managers navigate through the challenges facing the shipping industry?

With world tonnage expected to double over the next 15 years; with shipownership increasingly driven by private equity; with … (Read more…)

Europe Needs To Be More Proactive To Prevent Migrant Deaths At Sea

There is an urgent need within Europe to address the root cause of migrants at sea and the European Union needs to adopt a more proactive approach in preventing this … (Read more…)

InterManager President Acknowledges Key Achievements And Reaffirms Commitment To Be A Strong Voice For Shipmanagement

InterManager President Gerardo Borromeo has reaffirmed that his association will continue to serve as the strong voice for the shipmanagement sector during 2015.

In his New Year Message to InterManager members … (Read more…)

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