Singapore Green Ship Technology Asia Conference

Singapore Green Ship Technology Asia Conference

26-27 September 2012, Singapore Green Ship Technology Asia Conference 20% InterManager discount * VIP Code: FKT2369IMEM T: +44 (0) 20 7017 5511 E: [email protected]

Designed to specifically address the needs of shipowners and operators who want to discuss the commercial strategies and technology solutions available with their peers and colleagues, ship operators from companies such as Maersk, China Navigation, Gearbulk Norway, V Ships, Thome Shipmanagement and Altus Shipping among others, will participate in panels and presentations on the key issues facing the industry today, including:

1. How can the owner/operator make the right investment decisions without further clarity on regulations and guidelines?
2. How to incorporate green technology into the day-to-day running of the fleet
3. Issues surrounding implementation of EEDI for new vessels
4. Debating whether industry has the ability to meet the D2 standard
5. How hull management impacts on ships’ operations
You will also hear from the shippers and logistics managers – H&M and Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics – on where the pressures are in the supply chain to improve environmental performance and how this affects shipowners and operators.
As a special feature, the shipowner/operator breakfast briefing will be just that: open only to shipowners and operators to discuss how to make strategic and technical solutions now in order to meet the challenges; how to filter the information available and make informed decisions within reasonable budgets.
InterManager members have now 3 free of charge tickets – please contact Kuba

Date: 26/09/2012

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