InterManager’s 60 min meeting

InterManager’s 60 min meeting


1.  09:00 Meeting called to order
2.  09:01 Update from the President
3.  09:10 Update from Kuba

*   Vaccination / Covid update
*   Members’ issues

1.  09:15  Philippines Update, answering InterManager questions
i.      VADM Robert A. Empedrad – MARINA: EMSA Audit Update, Airports situation, number of seafarers allowed in and out
ii.      Atty. Hans Leo J. Cacdac – OWWA: testing, quarantine, airport protocols, transport to provinces,
iii.      Bernard P. Olalia – POEA: testing, quarantining of Philippines seafares, airport situation, number of seafarers allowed, transport between provinces, ambulance chasers

iv.    Justyna Bartnicka -EU Commission: EMSA Audit

1.  09:55 Summary
2.  10:00 End of the meeting

For transparency and convenience of all, our meetings are being recorded and link to the recording will be provided with meeting action points

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Date: 14/04/2021

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