Spider Solitaire Challenge Lets You Learn About Inspiring Humans While Playing C

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    Leonardo Hardin

    The ability to choose is a beautiful thing. That’s why we adore Solitaire, the unrivaled collection of Solitaire games.

    But, because choice can be overwhelming at times, we’re excited to announce that the team behind Solitaire has just developed Spider Solitaire Challenge, a standalone version of Spider Solitaire.

    It’s probable that you’re unfamiliar with Spider Solitaire, as other Solitaire varieties such as Klondike, FreeCell, and Pyramid tend to take center stage. This is how it goes.

    Spider Solitaire requires sorting two decks of cards — a total of 104 – in each game. At the start, 54 cards are dealt in four columns of six cards and six columns of five cards, with the top card of each column facing up.

    The goal is to carefully stack the cards. After all, every game of Solitaire is really a fun method to clean up the house. To clean the board, you must have a full suit of cards, from ace to king.

    If you only use one suit, Spider Solitaire is simple enough. When you add a second suit, or all four, the game becomes more challenging. That’s because you can’t move a stack of numerically ordered cards if they’re from different suits – only if they’re all from the same suit.

    This adds a degree of complexity to Spider Solitaire, making it both the easiest and the most difficult version of the game, depending on how many suits you play with.

    Spider Solitaire Challenge, like Solitaire before it, has a secondary goal in addition to being a lot of fun. Its creators have designed a number of special decks honoring important persons in collaboration with institutions such as MIT and Encyclopedia Britannica.

    There’s a card honoring the Heroes of Space & Flight, a deck honoring the women’s suffrage movement’s major individuals, a deck honoring Notable Women in Computing, and so on.

    Play Spider Solitaire Challenge for free online or on the Google Play Store to see what they’re all about. An iOS version is currently being developed and will be released soon.

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