Piracy Update: 511 (Indonesia)


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    Incident Type : Attempted Boarding
    Area: Around 3.09nm SW of Pulau Takong Kecil, Indonesia.
    Position: 01°04’ N – 103°41’E Date of Incident: 20.09.15
    Time of Incident (LT): 2320
    Information Source: IMB


    The crew on-board a Bulk Carrier underway, noticed a speed boat with eight persons approaching. They raised the alarm, mustered the crew, and informed the vessel traffic information system (VTIS), before activating the anti-piracy measures. As the boat came alongside, the Master commenced manoeuvring, which resulted in the robbers aborting their approach and moving away. The Naval vessels in the vicinity were dispatched to assist the vessel.

    Allmode Comment:

    Early detection is the key to preventing boarding and the majority of piracy attacks are repelled when a ship’s crew have planned and trained in advance of the passage.

    As seen in this incident, the use of evasive manoeuvers by the Master was enough to deter the robbers from continuing with their approach. They are not used to having to overcome these obstacles and will therefore generally abort the robbery if faced with difficulties and a crew who know that they are present.

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