Piracy Update: 481 (Singapore Straits)


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    Incident Type : Boarded
    Area: Around 3nm SSW of Tanjung Ayam, Johor, Malaysia.
    Position: 01°16’N – 104°11’E


    Duty wiper on board a Product Tanker en route to Singapore, noticed two robbers armed with knives entering the engine room workshop. He immediately informed the C/E, who informed the Master. The Alarm was raised. Upon sounding of the alarm, the C/E saw five robbers leaving the engine room. The crew were mustered and a search was carried out. The robbers had stolen generator spares before escaping. The incident was reported to VTIS Singapore at 1010 LT. The Singapore Coast Guard boarded the tanker to investigate.

    Allmode Comment:

    Boarding whilst underway is the most common type of piracy incident in SE Asia. The robbers will target the store rooms to steal engine spares, which are highly priced on the black market.
    It is essential to report all incidents of crime to the relevant bodies in a timely manner to help warn other vessels.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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