Happy Wheels Animated Series From Machinima Is Coming

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    Lucile Fuller

    You can get lost in the general delightfulness of everything in the world of Happy Wheels. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, a local dog is peeing on a fire hydrant, and everything appears to be straight out of a fairy tale. That is, until you collide with a massive saw blade and sever your head.

    Welcome to the wonder that is Happy Wheels, an online game designed by Jim Bonacci that has racked up over 1.2 billion playthroughs and challenges players to make it through side-scrolling obstacle courses with the gore factor turned up to 12. Machinima and Bunim/Murray Productions have teamed up to create a new series based on the hit game, which will comprise nine episodes of the bottled craziness that abounds in this realm.

    Wheelchair Guy, Irresponsible Dad, and Lawnmower Man will all appear in the show as recurrent characters from the game. The first trailer can be seen in the video above, and the cast bios can be found below.

    Stephen (aka Business Guy) is a well-known YouTube personality who specializes in Minecraft gameplay and themed music videos. Jordan Maron (CaptainSparklez) is a well-known YouTube personality who specializes in Minecraft gameplay and themed music videos. (13.6 million social media followers)

    Torso with a Head – Lance Stewart (Lance210) In the last year, he has quickly climbed to become one of the most popular social media personalities. His social media following skyrocketed to nearly 9 million on Facebook and over 3 million on Instagram as a result of his honest and true approach to content. Lance started his YouTube channels this year, and his vlog channel is swiftly approaching 2 million subscribers, making it one of the fastest growing on the network. (18.8 million social media followers)

    Janet (aka The Effective Shopper) is a popular internet personality and voice over actor, played by Anna Brisbin (Brizzy Voices). Machinima’s FYI, Valet, Tenured, and A Snow Globe Christmas are among the projects. (1.9 million social media followers)

    Charles’ father, Ryan McNulty (xRPMx13), is a well-known Minecrafter who enjoys playing Minecraft Hunger Games alongside CaptainSparklez, The BajanCandian, and JeromeASF. His followers are attractive gamers, and he is dubbed “THE Incredibly Good Looking Gamer.” (1.8 million social media followers)

    Shanna Malcolm (HeyYoShanna) is a police officer. HeyYoShanna is a well-known YouTube personality and actress. Malcom has appeared on popular television shows like as Glee and Shameless, and her Ghetto Gaming series provides humorously unvarnished criticism on pop culture. (1.2 million social media followers).

    Tyler Pappas (LogDotZip) is the Store Manager of LogDotZip. Tyler Papas (LogDotZip) is one of the most popular Minecrafters out there, best known for his YouTube shows The Nomad, Crafting with Noobs, and Only One Command. (1.4 million social media followers)

    Teen – Jerome Aceti (JeromeASF) On YouTube, he is one of the most well-known Minecraft players. Through a mix of collaborative gaming videos and vlogs that capture his real-life exploits, his endearing personality and goofiness have drew a core audience of devoted fans. (6.6 million social media followers)

    Fred is an actor, writer, producer, and co-host of Machinima’s ETC. Ricky Hayberg (RickyFTW) is an actor, writer, producer, and co-host of Machinima’s ETC. (925K followers on social media)

    Carl is played by Eliot Dewberry, an actor, writer, and co-host of Machinima’s ETC. (925K followers on social media)

    The King – Tay Zonday Tay Zonday is a People’s Choice Award-nominated, YouTube Award-winning, Webby Award-winning singer-songwriter, actor, voice artist, and brand ambassador best known for his viral video “Chocolate Rain.” He has over 160 million video views on YouTube. (1.6 million social media followers)

    Happy Wheels will premiere on Machinima on November 15 and will be available for viewing on the Go90 app.

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