Seafarer Family International Congress

Seafarer Family International Congress

InterManager Vice President George Hoyt will represent InterManager at the Seafarer Family International Congress August 14 & 15, 2019, at the Fiesta Pavilion, The Manila Hotel, Manila


The Seafarer Family International Congress aims to open the issues relevant to seafarers and their families. The theme, “All Aboard: Seafaring Families Engaging the World for Sustainable Well-Being.” The congress is set to feature seafarers, and government and maritime industry leaders who will spearhead discussions and collaborate on best practices.

The SEAFARER FAMILY INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS is the transport vessel of stories, experiences and services for seafarers and their families and the local and global stakeholders of the maritime industry. With the government, industry leaders and international support organizations, seafarer families will come together to ensure the well-being of sea-based migrants and their loved ones at home and on board.

Through a plenary session, exhibits and adult and youth fora, the SFIC encourages maritime trailblazers to speak on how they assist seafarer homes uphold the values of solidarity, trust, resilience and care. Stories about familial adjustments and personal triumphs will help adults understand their everyday lives and the youth develop life skills for a possible career at sea and a family life on shore. With a life-long maritime welfare advocate at the helm, SFIC is spearheaded by the Gig and the Amazing Sampaguita Foundation, Inc. (GASFI) to celebrate the maritime community and its extraordinary families.

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Date: 14/08/2019
Location: Manila

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