InterManager 60 minutes Meeting

InterManager 60 minutes Meeting

This is a calendar appointment for InterManager’s 60 min Meeting on 28.04.2021 at 1400 UK


1.  14:00 Meeting called to order
2.  14:01 Update from the President
a/ Diversity Group
b/ Sustainability Group
c/ New Members
d/ Vaccination

1.  14:10 Update from Kuba
a/ Members’ issues –
On Signers testing positive; Number of Covid Cases on Board
Engineering issues

1.  14:25  ITF – InterManager – Guest speaker – General Secretary Stephen Cotton

a/ Introduction of organisations

b/ common goals

c/ areas where we might differ

d/ dialogue

1.  14:55 Summary
2.  15:00 End of the meeting

For transparency and convenience of all, our meetings are being recorded and link to the recording will be provided with meeting action points

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Date: 28/04/2021

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