8th InterManager’s 60 minutes meeting

8th InterManager’s 60 minutes meeting

Dear Members


This time we are very kindly asking to shift the meeting from Wednesday to Thursday – 27th May 2021



  1. 14:00 Meeting called to order
  2. 14:01 Update from the President
    1. Vaccination – 1 mln vaccines pledge
    2. New Members
  1. 14:10 Update from Kuba
    1. Vaccination – 1 mln vaccines pledge; discussion with different governments
    2. Covid travel situation
  1. 14:25  Update from Georgia – Dias Jalagania; Nautica-Crew
  2. 14:30  Matching service – Martrust; Mr. Errikos Andreakos;

Conducting a three or even a two way matching, between PO / Invoice and delivery confirmation, is complicated and most ship managers put business rules to be able to cope with the volumes of invoices they receive each month. Martrust service addresses this aspect, it further improves also the customers control and compliance frameworks.

  1. 14:45 Discussion
  2. 15:00 End of the meeting


For transparency and convenience of all, our meetings are being recorded and link to the recording will be provided with meeting action points

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Date: 27/05/2021

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