19th InterManager 60 minutes members meeting

19th InterManager 60 minutes members meeting

  1. 10:00 Meeting called to order
  2. 10:01 Update from the President
  1. 10:10 Update from Kuba
  2. 10:20 Guest Speaker: Danny Constantinis Executive Chairman of EM&I ‘Avoiding safety incidents in confined spaces’
    The purpose for the presentation is to introduce advanced methods of robotic inspection developed in the oil industry to avoid safety incidents in confined spaces to the shipping industry.

These have proved to be highly successful in the oil industry so we would welcome the opportunity to conduct trails in the shipping industry.

  1. 10:55 Summary
  2. 11:00 End of the meeting


Please invite people from your organisation who might be interested.

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Date: 24/11/2021

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