13th InterManager’s 60 minute members meeting

13th InterManager’s 60 minute members meeting

1.  14:00 Meeting called to order
2.  14:01 Update from the President
*   Medical supplies of Oxygen for our ships
*   New Standard
3.  14:10 Update from Kuba
4.  14:20  Medical Oxygen Discussion
5.  14:30 Guest Speaker: Building an interconnected maritime learning eco-system

Raal Harris of Ocean Technologies Group and Neil Bennett of Wärtsilä  Voyage Solutions will talk about a joint project to integrate the Ocean Learning Platform with Wärtsilä cloud simulation and the possibilities it will afford Ship Managers in planning their training strategies.

1.  14:55 Summary
2.  15:00 End of the meeting

Please invite people from your organisation who might be interested.

For transparency and convenience of all, our meetings are being recorded and link to the recording will be provided with meeting action points

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Date: 18/08/2021

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