UPDATE 7 Hijack & Kidnap / Gabon 02-080221



Event: Illegal Boarding -> Hijack -> Kidnap for Ransom


Date and Time: 8 February 2021, 0720hrs local

Location: 71nm SE of Sao Tome, 83nm W of Port Gentil, Gabon

Position: 00°51.43’S, 007°20.20’E

Distance from Shore: Approx. 313nm from Niger Delta coast


Vessel Details

Fishing Vessel

L x B:
40m x 6m



Event Details

Kidnapped: 14 crew onboard -> 9 kidnapped

Injured: 0

Killed: 0

Security Present: None

Damage to Cargo:
None reported

Damage to Vessel:
None reported

Weather: Light Breeze / 0mm precipitation

Wave Height: 1.3m


Threat Details

Number of Perpetrators: 4 persons reported (likely more)

Number of Craft: 1 speedboat

Weapons Seen:

Equipment Seen: Not reported


Description: MDAT-GoG have reported that a vessel has been boarded west of Port Gentil, Gabon. Incident is understood to be ongoing since this morning. This is a separate incident from
the earlier report on a different ship.


Based on distance from earlier incident, it is likely same pirate group.


UPDATE 1: From several reports, this is a fishing vessel named that was hijacked by pirates and then used as a mother vessel to attack the tanker this morning.


UPDATE 2: It has been confirmed that the fishing vessel is
(not MV LianPengYu 819 as reported by other sources). Vessel is being used as a mothership by pirates to attack other larger merchant vessels. Pirates are armed and will fire on vessels to try and make them slow down so they can attempt
to board.


Vessel’s last position at 0945UTC, 9 February 2021 is 01°29.35’N, 005°17.40’E – in the Nigeria-Sao Tome Joint Development Zone, sailing NNE at 4.5kts.


UPDATE 3: Vessel’s latest position as of 1100hrs local, 10 February 2021 is 03°25’N, 006°45’E, 61nm SW of Bonny in Nigerian EEZ. Vessel is sailing northwards.


UPDATE 4: Vessel’s latest position as of 0745hrs local, 11 February 2021 is 02°30’N, 006°37’E, 116nm SSW of Bonny/36nm S of Egina FPSO. Position is in the Nigeria-Sao Tome Joint Development Zone. Vessel is sailing southwards at 6kts.


UPDATE 5: Vessel’s latest position as of 1000hrs local, 11 February 2021 is 2°8’N, 6°43’E, 48nm NE of Principe Island, Sao Tome & Principe EEZ. Vessel is sailing SSE at 8.4kts.


UPDATE 6: Vessel is now at Libreville port, Gabon after being met by Gabonese Navy vessel. Early reports state that some crew have been kidnapped however exact details are still TBC.


UPDATE 7: It has been confirmed that 9 crew members have been kidnapped (8 Chinese and 1 Gabonese) with 5 crew left onboard.



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