Militant Threat / Nigeria 01-020321



Event: Militant threats


Date and Time: 28 February 2021


Location: Niger Delta, Nigeria


Description: A group known as the
Coalition of Niger Delta Agitators has issued a 30-day ultimatum to stop the diversion of food supplies away from the south and towards the north of the country as well as demanding the arrest of the governor of Bauchi State and Sheikh Ahmad Abubakar
Gumi. Failure to do so would lead to the group retaliating by “cutting off all the oil pipelines supplying oil and gas to the entire northern Nigeria, and block all tankers and other vehicles from load products to the north.” The group added that they will
“make sure that oil licences belonging to the northerners are forcefully revoked after the expiration of this ultimatum”.


Analysis: This is the latest in an ongoing political argument on how to deal with conflicts in the south and north of the country, as well as how natural resources are managed. A recent
decision to allow gold miners in the northern state of Zamfara to keep the proceeds has angered groups in the Niger Delta who have pointed out that states in the south producing oil are not able to own and explore their own natural resources.  It is unlikely
that in 30 days the attacks will be carried out, however this is the second threat in one week from a Niger Delta group and the area has seen a number of attacks on local vessels, indicating that the area remains very unstable with competing groups and a high
level of criminality which will likely continue until political engagement improves with the south of Nigeria.




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