Kidnap / Nigeria 01-090218 – Update 2



Event: Kidnap (Level I)


Date and Time: 0600UTC 09 February 2018


Location: 28nm SW of Bonny Fairway Buoy, Nigeria


Position: 03°45.8’N, 006°45.6’E


Vessel Details

Type: Refrigerated Cargo Ship

LOA: 117m

Beam: 18m

Freeboard: 3m

Speed: Slowed from 14kts to 7kts then drifting.


Description: ARC has received a report of a possible maritime attack ongoing near Bonny Fairway Buoy now.


Update: At 0600UTC, the cargo vessel activated her SSAS. 2 speed boats with about 5 armed men on each attacked the vessel. At 0840UTC a VHF distress call was issued.
After several attempts, the pirates boarded the vessel. The vessel then drifted, before then proceeding deep offshore at approximately 1615UTC. The pirates kidnapped 4 crew members: Master, Chief Officer, 2nd Officer and 1 Able Seaman.


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