Boarding / Nigeria 02-111017



Event: Boarding (Level I Incident)


Date and Time: 11 October 2017 0820UTC


Location: 8nm SSW of Brass Terminal, Nigeria


Position: 04°05’N, 008°10’E


Description: A supply vessel was boarded whilst at anchor. The crew on board saw a speed boat with 7 or 8 armed men approaching the vessel. They raised the alarm and on VHF Channel 16 and proceeded to the
citadel. The pirates attempted to breach the citadel but were unsuccessful. After 90 minutes, a security vessel approached and the armed men disembarked and left before the arrival of the security vessel. They left with crew and vessel property and the supply
vessel received several bullet impacts. All crew reported as safe.


ARC will update with more information if received.



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