Attack / Nigeria 01-100218



Event: Attack (Level II Incident)


Date and Time: 1640UTC 03 February 2018


Location: 47nm SW of Bonny Fairway Buoy


Position: 03°29.40’N, 006°36.42’E


Vessel Details

Type: Tanker

LOA: 135m

Beam: 21m

Freeboard: 3.5m

Status: Underway             


Description: A tanker underway from Port Harcourt was attacked by a speed boat with about 12 armed men onboard. Alarm was raised and the embarked Nigerian Navy guards
were alerted. All crew mustered.


Pirates opened fire on the vessel once within close range. The vessel took evasive action and went to full speed.


The speed boat suddenly slowed down and stopped their approach, reported as due to the pirates seeing the Navy guards on board.


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