ARC Reports / Nigeria / Vessel Thefts at Lagos Port / 01-100817

Event: Thefts and Attempted Thefts on Vessels at Lagos Port (Level 3)


Date and Time: July – August 2017


Location: Lagos, Nigeria.


Description: There have been 3 recorded incidents of thefts on vessels calling at Lagos, Nigeria over the past 4 weeks.

On 13th July 1430hrs, 2 robbers boarded a vessel at Ibru Jetty, Apapa, Lagos. They siphoned off gasoline before being discovered by the crew and escaping.

On 28th July 0130hrs, 2 robbers boarded a vessel in Lagos Anchorage. They were discovered by crew as they attempted to insert hoses into an ullage point. They escaped by jumping overboard.

On 7th August 2240hrs, 2 robbers boarded a berthed tanker at Folawiyo Terminal, Apapa, Lagos. They were discovered trying to insert a hose into a cargo tank, and then escaped with the
hose with nothing reported as stolen.


Low level maritime crime is an issue across the Gulf of Guinea, including in Nigeria, and all vessels operating in the region should be aware of this and implement a good level of security, even if not transiting
through areas at risk of piracy.


These incidents are indicative of organised crime, with vessels targeted for refined petroleum products. It also raises questions about the security of port infrastructure. Therefore, all vessels should maintain
a high level of vigilance and watchkeeping at all times, especially at night, whilst calling at Lagos, Nigeria.



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