ARC Intelligence Report – 01-310517



Event: UNCONFIRMED Suspected Attack


Date and Time: 29 May 2017 2140UTC


Location: Forupa Waterways, Bayelsa Coast, Nigeria


Position: 04°43’N, 005°35’E


Description: ARC has received a report that a merchant vessel was attacked on 29th May in Furopa Waterways. According to the report, the pirates kidnapped an unconfirmed amount of crew members.
However, whilst escaping, the pirates’ craft capsized. On the arrival of a Government patrol boat one crew member was rescued, with the other crew members presumed dead.


This report is yet to be officially confirmed by authorities, and sources are currently providing conflicting reports. It is still unknown the number of pirates or their craft, or how many crew members are
missing. Whilst Pennington Terminal is approximately 20nm to the south of this incident, with international merchant traffic calling at it, this may be an attack on a local passenger vessel.


Once ARC receives further information, we will update.



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