Organisational Structure

InterManager is represented at international level by its President who is elected to serve a two-year period.

The current President is Bjorn Jebsen of Abojeb who was elected in October 2016. He is supported by three Vice Presidents who are: Ian MacLean (Hill Dickinson), responsible for legal issues; George Hoyt in charge of Special Projects; and Capt Ajay Tripathi (MMS) who is the Treasurer.

The InterManager Secretary General is Captain Kuba Szymanski. For details of how to contact Capt Szymanski please click on the above menu and choose “contacts”.

Kuba Szymanski
Kuba Szymanski


The day to day activities of InterManager are entrusted to the Secretary General and Executive Committee (Excom). The Excom, meets some three times a year and guides the policy of the organisation between Annual Meetings.

InterManager members take part in a range of Committees to discuss industry concerns, including Manning and Training, Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and IMO / EU matters. In addition, the Association operates a KPI committee and stakeholder working groups to consider issues relating to the InterManager-led pan-industry KPI project.

Responsibility for ensuring that the InterManager Best Practice Guidelines remain up-to-date and reflect the highest quality standard rests with the Best Practice Committee. It considers revisions to the Guidelines as part of the process of keeping it fully in tune with the changes in the ship management industry, and developing performance standards for managers. All major changes are agreed by the Executive Committee and the membership.

In addition, the Best Practice Committee of senior representatives from ship owners, insurers, maritime bankers and the current President and Vice Presidents ensure that the original ideals of InterManager are maintained.

Legal Status

InterManager is a Company Limited by Guarantee registered in Limassol, Cyprus, Registration number 44773.

Cyprus was selected as the country of incorporation because it is the home of a number of leading ship management companies and provides a full range of legal and commercial services to the maritime community. Although InterManager is a non profit-making organisation, the favourable corporation tax regime in Cyprus was also a consideration which weighed in its favour.


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