InterManager statement on recent GISIS accident reports

InterManager, the international trade association for the ship management sector, has been keeping accident statistics for a number of years as a way of aiding its work as a Non-Governmental Organisation at the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

In order to do this, the Association keeps tabs on both the IMO Global Integrated Shipping Information System (GISIS) and maritime industry notifications of accidents, incidents and casualties.

During InterManager’s recent review of GISIS initial accident notifications and investigation for April we have noticed an unprecedented increase in the number of new accident notifications and reports uploaded.

A total of 59 notification and investigation reports have been added to GISIS by the Flag State of Panama, which we welcome. These reports greatly assist the statistical analysis of accidents and help in the formulation of effective and targeted corrective action implementation to make life at sea safer for all concerned. We are now studying the detail of these reports, but our initial assessment reveals a good quality and wealth of information. We give due recognition to the new IMO Secretary General, Arsenio Dominguez, for any part he may have played in influencing Panama’s excellent recent reporting.

We are also very pleased to note that Portugal has uploaded two new accident reports. These were undertaken on the Santuca B on 17/02 and the Monte Da Guia on 28/02 by Portugal. These reports are for two accidents which occurred only two months ago, whereas report submissions from Flag States can sometimes take as long as 36 months or more after the event. It is tremendously helpful to the overall safety of shipping for accident reports to be submitted promptly. Timely notification and efficient and thorough investigation will support the effective safety improvements needed within the industry.


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