InterManager Positivity Campaign 2023: Competition Terms and Conditions (T&Cs)

Here are the terms & conditions (the rules) for entrants taking part in InterManager’s #shippositive social media competition which runs from March 23 to June 30, 2023.

• The Positivity competition is solely for the purpose of promoting a positive outlook on the shipping industry.
• The competition is organised and coordinated by InterManager, the international trade association for ship and crew managers.
• The competition is open to anyone from within the maritime community including seafarers, shore workers, cadets, family members and anyone with a connection to the international shipping industry. Participants must be aged 18 years or over.
• The competition is NOT open to professional photographers. For the purpose of this competition a professional photographer will be considered to be someone who trades as a professional photographer or earns more than half of their income from photography.
• An entry will be deemed to have been submitted by posting on one of the following platforms: LinkedIn; Facebook; Twitter; Instagram or TikTok alongside BOTH of the competition hashtags: #shippositive #intermanager
• We welcome any entry which demonstrates the positive aspects of shipping and life at sea. These may include (but are not restricted to): life onboard ship; the maritime workplace; friendship at sea; marine wildlife; weather; coastal landscapes; ships; ports; cargo etc
• The entry submitted must be an original photograph taken by the entrant. Any persons featured in the photograph must have given the entrant permission to post their picture on social media.
• Entrants are required to comply with all maritime regulations, regional laws, onboard regulations; corporate policies; port rules; and privacy laws; as well as their contractual terms and conditions as set out by their employer.
• Health and safety is paramount. Entrants must act responsibly and take their pictures safely and in compliance with all health and safety rules and regulations. Risk taking and reckless behaviour is prohibited. The organisers do not accept any responsibility for any accident or loss occurring during the taking of the photograph. Any imagery that indicates Health and Safety or maritime regulations have been broken, or risks were taken, will be entirely disqualified and the applicant barred from the competition.
• Entrants must ensure they comply with their own employer’s social media policy and do not breach any corporate confidentiality before posting their photograph.
• The competition will run for three months from the starting date. Entries submitted after the closing date will not be admissible.
• The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into nor feedback given.
• Winners will be notified once the judging process has been completed and prizes will be presented as soon as possible following the closing date depending on location and logistics, and certainly no later than December 31st 2023.
• The judging criteria will include:
– The photograph clearly illustrates a positive side of the international shipping industry and/or life at sea
– Composition and visual appeal
– Complies with international maritime laws and health and safety regulations
• Entrants will retain copyright of their photographs. However, by entering the competition all entrants grant to InterManager the right to publish and exhibit their photographs across websites, social media platforms, printed publications, news outlets, and in maritime industry presentations, and no fee will be payable for any of these uses.
• We will make every effort to ensure all winners are named and credited for their winning entry across social media platforms, and we may ask winners to disclose their social media handles in order to tag and credit the winning persons. However, if the name or social media handle of the winning person is not disclosed, we cannot guarantee that every broadcast use of the photographs or videos will include the photographer’s name.
• Entrants must ensure that any photograph submitted for the purpose of the competition has not been, and is not subsequently, used to promote, advertise or publicise any company, organisation, charity or campaign. Any photograph which has been used for such purposes will be excluded from the competition.


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