Ecochlor collaborates on hull air lubrication

Marine equipment supplier, Ecochlor, Inc is to provide technical assistance and global sales and marketing support for Armada Technologies’ hull air lubrication system

Ecochlor and Armada Technologies have joined forces via a collaborative agreement around Armada’s patented method of hull air lubrication.

Armada is currently developing what it says is the world’s first “naturally aspirated air lubrication system”. In contrast to existing solutions, Armada said its patented system operates in a “semi-passive mode”.

Armada calls hull air lubrication technology as a whole “the optimal means of driving energy efficiency in shipping operations,” which, “once optimised is readily deployable across the entirety of the world’s merchant fleet”.

The reduction in friction is said to lead to a reduction in fuel consumption and aid in fuel efficiency and lowering the carbon footprint on the vessels on which it is used.



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