Columbia Finance Solutions invests in Ahorn Capital

Columbia Finance Solutions, the financing arm of the Columbia Group, has strengthened the range of financial services it is able to offer its clients and partners, by taking a stake in Ahorn Capital GmbH, a Hamburg-based platform for institutional and professional investors.

The partnership allows Columbia Finance Solutions to provide its clients with flexible financing options for their fleet expansions and individual projects. In turn, Ahorn will tap into Columbia’s market access, internal asset expertise and extensive knowhow.

Ahorn Capital structures direct investment opportunities for institutional investors, family offices and high net worth individuals. Investments are securitised and listed, offering investors efficient and transparent deal-by-deal-access. Assets are thereby converted into bankable, transferable and tradable investment products. It follows a holistic approach and manages the whole lifecycle of a project from sourcing to divestment. Henry Behne and Hendrik Stellamanns will run the company as managing directors.

Mark O’Neil, President and CEO of the Columbia Group, welcomed the move by saying it would mean “Columbia can leverage Ahorn’s structuring expertise and access to family offices and high net worth individuals. The partnership will allow us to provide turnkey solutions to our clients and provide part, or all, of the equity or debt piece on any given project.”

Henry Behne, Managing Partner at Ahorn Capital, said “The deal cements the investment strengths of Ahorn with the market reach and expertise of the Columbia Group. We can assist Columbia’s clients and partners by structuring deals and providing fitting financing options for them.”



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