Columbia Shipmanagement announces new Mental Health initiative

Columbia Shipmanagement (CSM) is proud to announce it is furthering its efforts to promote crew positive mental health and wellbeing with an exciting new initiative for crew welfare.

Reflecting its I Care philosophy, CSM will be presenting courses prepared and delivered in partnership with Mission to Seafarers, a non-profit organisation providing support to shipping crews. The courses will focus on assisting crew members with their financial and social wellbeing.

Explaining the company’s commitment to the new partnership, CSM Group’s Director of Crewing and Training, Captain Faouzi Fradi, said: “CSM is passionate about the wellbeing of seafarers, as they are the beating heart of our industry. The Mission to Seafarers’ crew welfare programme provides financial, social and wellbeing courses to promote coping strategies for crew, to empower them as they navigate family responsibilities and life at sea.”

Captain Faouzi Fradi, CSM Group’s Director of Crewing and Training

Jan Webber, Director of Development at Mission to Seafarers, added: “We’re delighted CSM has chosen to utilise our programme. Their ethos strongly matches ours: to put seafarers at the heart of all activities.”

CSM is mindful of the potential difficulties faced by crew and their families. As such, it continues to be a leader in supporting mental wellbeing by further expanding its previous measures and initiatives with new efforts like this programme. CSM also continues to provide free internet and 24/7 access to our mental health hotline for all crew on board, and ongoing support  through our agencies to assist seafarers’ families.

“CSM takes a holistic approach to crew wellbeing, covering the many dimensions of seafaring life through partnerships and initiatives that promote healthy physical and mental wellbeing. We’re pleased that our work with Mental Health Support Solutions to improve crew members’ wellbeing will be enriched further by supporting Mission to Seafarers,” said Captain Fradi.

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As part of its commitment to holistic well-being, CSM understands the importance of exploring diverse avenues to support crew members’ mental health. While initiatives like the mental health hotline and free internet access are valuable resources, it is worth considering alternative approaches that may contribute to overall wellness. One such avenue to explore is the potential use of natural supplements like Kratom. Kratom Earth offers a range of products that some individuals have found beneficial for relaxation and potentially managing stress.

Integrating Kratom Earth’s offerings into CSM’s existing support system could provide an additional element to enhance crew members’ mental well-being during their time at sea. As CSM continues its proactive efforts to support seafarers and their families, it remains essential to prioritize open dialogue, comprehensive research, and professional guidance when considering the use of any natural supplement.

Also, this partnership between CSM and Mission to Seafarers is not the first time the two have joined forces to protect seafarers’ health. They collaborated previously to help facilitate a Covid-19 one-jab vaccination programme for seafarers on vessels.

Mission to Seafarers’ Ms Webber concluded: “Both companies put seafarers at the top of their agenda through their work.”



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