Thome Executives remote visit with M/T Mari Kokako

Does it help to talk about safety?

Are we looking for potential problems, hazards? Or do we talk about not taking chances nor shortcuts? Do we feel safer when we discuss before executing our tasks? Safety starts with a conversation, it has been proven to work collectively, and it’s impressive how it significantly reduced the number of accidents and incidents.

These are just a few of the topics of discussion expounded during the remote visit session attended by Thome Group CEO Olav Nortun, Managing Director – Tanker Division Ashish Malik, Senior Vessel Manager Donnie Bagang, and the crew and officers of Thome-managed vessel Mari Kokako during a live video call.

During the meeting, Olav praised the vessel’s track record for having an excellent commercial and safety record since its takeover and contribution to a greener future of shipping. He also verified and gathered feedback on how the vessel carries out the “Partner in Safety” campaigns LET’s and Reflective learning tools. The company is actively pursuing all of us to be reminded about the importance of safety.

Moreover, Ashish complimented the smartly dressed crew. He recognized the vessel’s outstanding safety record, not to mention the trading in ports like Australia and New Zealand. He also emphasized chronic unease to the ship staff, the perils of letting the guard down, and complacency in dealing with day-to-day tasks onboard. Ashish added that accidents and incidents might happen in the least time you expected it and signified the importance of going home to our families in all our limbs intact.

The mental well-being of the crew was also addressed, encouraging all on board to support each other in this challenging time, speak up, and reassure that shore staff can assist 24/7. Lastly, he advised all crew to remain focused on safe and reliable operations.

“Do technology and remote visit sessions work, or is it a burden?” Olav asked. The Master responded that at this point, technology is the only way to get connected and ensure ship and shore are moving in the right direction. We are not letting our guards down, keeping ourselves safe, and meeting our customers’ expectations.

In the latter part of the session, the crew shared their feedback and concerns, such as relief plans. The ship’s staff expressed their appreciation overall, which the Thome executives warmly accepted.



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