InterManager Daily News 26.10.2021.

1. Thome Executives remote visit with M/T Mari Kokako

Does it help to talk about safety? Are we looking for potential problems, hazards? Or do we talk about not taking chances nor shortcuts? Do we feel safer when we discuss before executing our tasks? Safety starts with a conversation, it has been proven to work collectively, and it’s impressive how it significantly reduced the number of accidents and incidents.

2. ESPO presents its Environmental Report 2021 | EcoPortsinSights 2021

ESPO is proud to present the 2021 Annual ESPO Environmental Report. The ESPO Environmental Report is part of EcoPorts, the environmental flagship initiative of the European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO). This 6th edition is based on data from 99 European ports from 21 European countries, who filled in the EcoPorts Self-Diagnosis Method (SDM) ( The SDM is a checklist of good practices and provides the database for this report.

3. HELCOM adopts the updated Baltic Sea Action Plan, charting a way forward for a healthy Baltic Sea

Charting a way forward for a healthy Baltic Sea, HELCOM has adopted the updated Baltic Sea Action Plan (BSAP) during the HELCOM Ministerial Meeting 2021 that was held in Lübeck, Germany, on 20 October 2021.

“This is a good day for the Baltic Sea and its marine environment,” says Rüdiger Strempel, the Executive Secretary of HELCOM, a regional sea organisation to which all Baltic Sea countries and the EU are a party of. “With the updated Baltic Sea Action Plan, we now have a clear-cut roadmap for improving the ecological state of our sea over the next ten years.”

4. Seagrass to reinforce Romanian coastline

Seagrass beds form a biotope that is of major importance for marine ecology. Climate change, disease, coastal redevelopment and pollution are causing a global decline in seagrass. This is a worrying development because these small green plants have major environmental benefits. They store carbon dioxide, prevent sediment from being washed away and help protect the coast. Seagrass plays a major role in a coastal reinforcement project in Romania.

5. Island Drilling awarded UKCS contract with Dana Petroleum

Island Drilling Company has been awarded a contract by Dana Petroleum for its 2012-built semi-submersible rig Island Innovator.

The contract is for one well, and scheduled to commence in April 2022. The contract includes three options for additional work. Charlie Taylor, wells manager at Dana Petroleum, commented: “The Island Innovator is a modern sixth generation rig that is well suited to the NNS environment and provides the ability to deliver operational efficiencies in the drilling and completion of the BP-7 well. We are looking forward to working with Island Drilling on this exciting project”.

6. The carbon transition pathway

The International Maritime Organiszation’s environmental and governance indicators and emerging mandatory standards – including the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII), the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) the Annual Efficiency Ratio (AER), and the Energy Efficiency Operational Index (EEIO) – are not just timely; they will drive the ESG transition narrative of the maritime industry towards ambitious decarbonisation targets.

7. ZIM Kingston Cargo Fire Stabilized, Canadian Coast Guard Says

The fire on board the containership ZIM Kingston is reported to be stabilized and the ship secured, the Canadian Coast Guard said Sunday afternoon. The ship remains at anchor at Constance Bank off of Victoria, British Columbia. The anchor handling tugs Maersk Tender, Maersk Trader, and offshore tug Atlantic Raven, remain on scene with the Canadian monitoring the ship overnight as gale force winds forecasted for the area.

8. Online Thrifting Sees Silver Lining in Supply Chain Crunch

As brand-name retailers nationwide struggle to fill shelves, a crop of online platforms that trade in secondhand wares are poised to profit handsomely from the global supply chain crunch. The products for sale on sites such as The RealReal Inc., a members-only consignment marketplace for luxury goods, or Poshmark Inc., a mobile app for second-hand apparel, are already manufactured and sitting in people’s closets.

9. Clarksons Port Congestion Index Reaches New High

With disruption to global logistics and supply chains remaining widespread, port congestion has now reached new highs according to the latest Clarksons Port Congestion Index. Discussing these recent trends, Steve Gordon, Managing Director of Clarksons Research, commented: Disruption to global logistics and supply chains remains widespread, with port congestion a major contributor to the record freight rates in a number of shipping segments and to our ClarkSea Index, a cross shipping segment charter index for global shipping, reaching a twelve year high of $42,114/day so far in October.

10. Korean Shipbuilders Turn Focus To High-Value Vessels

South Korean shipbuilders, brimming with heavy order backlogs, are turning their focus to high-value and eco-friendly vessels for new orders as the industry is expected to enjoy a buoyant order book through 2030. The prices of new vessel orders placed with South Korean shipbuilders, led by Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., averaged $170 million last month, almost three times as much as the $60 million for Chinese shipyards during the same period.


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