InterManager Daily News 04.01.2020.

1. CLdN sees modal shifting opportunities as a result of the UK-EU Trade deal and urges clients to continue their Brexit preparations
CLdN very much welcomes the recently closed Brexit deal, bringing relief to its customers as tariff – and quota free trade of goods between the EU and the UK seems to be safeguarded. However, there should be no misunderstanding within the market that despite the trade deal customs formalities will apply as from January 1st. There appears to be a general misconception that with this recent trade deal the import and export formalities will no longer apply.

2. Vitol pays $45 million to Petrobras in leniency agreement
Petrobras informs that it received, as of today, the amount of R$ 232.6 million (US$ 45), as a result of a leniency agreement entered into between the Federal Prosecutor’s Office (MPF) and Vitol Inc. and Vitol do Brasil Ltda. (Vitol), on 12/03/2020. Thus, the total amount of funds returned to the company as a result of collaboration, leniency and repatriation agreements under the Car Wash Operation exceeds the amount of R$ 4.8 billion.

3. Biggest container cranes ever on the way to Port of Oakland
Towering new cranes are coming to the Port of Oakland to handle the massive ships calling the seaport. These new cranes will be the tallest ever at Oakland, and rank among the largest in the U.S. Stevedoring Services of America (SSA) is investing in the three giant cranes for its marine terminal at Oakland (Oakland International Container Terminal – OICT).

4. Customs formalities despite Brexit trade deal
The European Union and the United Kingdom entered into a trade deal, which will take effect on 1 January 2021. Finally, there is some more clarity, but it does not mean that companies do not need to prepare anymore. Despite the agreement, customs formalities will apply to freight traffic with the UK after Brexit as from 1 January 2021.

5. Greeks dominate cape purchases in 2020
6. Greeks dominate cape purchases in 2020
It’s been a busy year in the cape segment. Close to 50 deals have materialised throughout 2020. Greek owners dominate, bidding highest on just under 50% on all capes circulated for sale, according to data from brokers Intermodal this week.

7. Sri Lanka’s offshore crew transit hub gains traction
Sri Lanka is one of the few countries that has already appointed a ‘National Focal Point on Crew Changes and Repatriation of Seafarers’ as invited by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in its Resolution MSC.473(ES.2).

8. New Year’s Eve Storm Breaks North Pacific Record
A Pacific storm of record proportions swept a remote stretch of Alaska’s Aleutian Islands chain on New Year’s Eve, battering a region used heavily by commercial shipping with hurricane-force winds and seas five stories high. “It’s the most intense storm ever recorded in the North Pacific, excluding typhoons,” said Brian Brettschneider, a NOAA research scientist with the National Weather Service.
9. Container Lines Question Claims Of Unreasonable Rates, Poor Service
The World Shipping Council (WSC) has pushed back against allegations by two Federal Maritime Commissioners (FMC) that the container lines are not meeting service obligations — particularly to U.S. agriculture exporters — citing a lack of evidence.

10. Ship Mortgages Over Ships Flying The Cyprus Flag
According to the Merchant Shipping (Registration of Ships, Sales and Mortgages) Laws of 1963, as amended, which are the main statutes for all matters relating to the registration of ships and related transactions in the Register of Cyprus Ships, a mortgage against a ship flying the flag of Cyprus can be registered at any time after the completion of the vessel’s registration (provisional or permanent) in the Register of Cyprus Ships, or in the Special Book of Parallel Registration.


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